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The seven women that make up this list of Hollywood pin-up girls are all beautiful and sexy. Too many of them had tragic endings, and only one, Brigitte Bardot, is alive today. Years later, names like Farrah Fawcett and Raquel Welsh would top the list, and of those two Hollywood pin-up girls, one would come to a heartbreaking end.

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Betty Grable – Dec. 18, 1916 – July 2, 1973

Betty Grable – Dec. 18, 1916 – July 2, 1973 She's the woman with the most beautiful legs of all the Hollywood pin-up girls. Her studio must have agreed, since they insured Betty’s legs with Lloyd's of London for $1 million dollars. She was an actress, singer and dancer, but whenever I hear her name, I immediately think of her in the 1943 bathing suit poster she is most famous for. She made a lot of GIs very happy. Coincidentally, Hugh Hefner has said that Gable was the inspiration behind Playboy.


Rita Hayworth – Oct. 17, 1918 – May 14, 1987

Rita Hayworth – Oct. 17, 1918 – May 14, 1987 Like this author, Rita Hayworth was born in Brooklyn, New York. Her most notable film role was the 1946 black and white film “Gilda.” She married Prince Aly Khan in 1949 and was the first Hollywood actress to become a princess. Rita’s favorite movies were those she made with Fred Astaire. Today we have Angelina Jolie and her beautiful lips, but in 1949, Rita Hayworth lips were impressive enough to promote lipsticks for Max Factor.


Bettie Page – Apr. 22, 1923 – Dec. 11. 2008

Bettie Page – Apr. 22, 1923 – Dec. 11. 2008 Bettie Page was nicknamed the “Queen of Pin-ups,” and this free spirit became a Playboy magazine centerfold in January 1955. Bettie’s look was very distinctive, with the long black hair, and bangs that framed her lovely face. Unfortunately, later in life Bettie would suffer from mental illness, but was aware enough to enjoy a whole new crop of fans that adored her.


Marilyn Monroe – June 1, 1926 – Aug. 5, 1962

Marilyn Monroe – June 1, 1926 – Aug. 5, 1962 When Marilyn was still Norma Jeane, she had a thriving career as a pin-up girl, but she was destined for sex symbol superstardom. Marilyn was quite a good comedic actress, and eventually won critics over for her dramatic work as well, especially in movies like the 1956 “Bus Stop.” Her death in 1962 by a barbiturate overdose was ruled a probable suicide.


Brigitte Bardot – Sept. 28, 1934

Brigitte Bardot – Sept. 28, 1934 Brigitte was a huge sex kitten in the '50s and '60s. She was an actress, model and even a singer. Brigitte is responsible for popularizing the bikini, a beehive type hairstyle and even gingham clothing, all based on styles she wore in movies and her personal life. Today and for many years, Brigitte is an animal rights activist.


Ava Gardner – Dec. 24, 1922 – Jan. 25, 1990

Ava Gardner – Dec. 24, 1922 – Jan. 25, 1990 She was beautiful, with dark hair and green eyes, and she was the love of Frank Sinatra’s life. A talented actress, Ava was always first recognized as a great beauty and to this day, when you think of her, you think of her face and not her acting ability.


Jayne Mansfield – April 19, 1933 - June 29, 1967

Jayne Mansfield – April 19, 1933 - June 29, 1967 It’s unfortunate that Marilyn Monroe was the other blonde bombshell during the same era. It created a rivalry between them and they never became friends. Jayne’s home in Beverly Hills, California was called The Pink Palace, her trademark color being pink. Mom to actress Mariska Hargitay, Jayne was only 34 when she tragically died in a car accident.

All of these gals were at the top of their game during their time as a pin-up girl/movie star/singer. Some led complicated lives; others retired early and found other passions. They’re all iconic and will never be forgotten. Which of these seven pin-up girls do you adore?

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Marilyn was adored by both men and women. She was fun .Ava was so beautiful !

And Sophia Loren??

but i do love marylin monroe

Where's Sophia and Audrey?!!

Where's Dorothy dandridge????

Jane Russel.

I love the looks there all so beautiful

what about audrey hepburn

I think Audrey Hepburn was more the chic, sophisticated type, than pin-up, but Sophia Loren would be a good addition.

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