8 of My Favorite Classic Actresses ...

I adore the old black and white flicks of long ago. I used to watch a number of them with my grandparents when they came out on video. Some of these fantastic actresses listed below were famous even before my grandparents were even old enough to go to the movies on their own. Here are 8 of my favorite classic actresses.

8. Rita Hayworth

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Over a period of 37 years, Rita Hayworth appeared in 61 films. She was reached her high point in fame during the 1940s and is referred to on a list known as the American Film Institute’s Greatest Stars of All Time. Rita was not only an actress, but also a dancer. Her mother was a Ziegfeld girl and her father was a flamenco dancer, so it’s no wonder that she became both a dancer and an actress. During some of her earlier movies, Rita goes by the last name of Cansino instead of Hayworth. The films Rita Hayworth: The Love Goddess and Hollywoodland are both biographical depictions about Rita. If you’re interested in learning a bit more about her, you can always check these flicks out.

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