10 Famous Princesses Throughout History ...


10 Famous Princesses Throughout History ...
10 Famous Princesses Throughout History ...

My grandmother nicknamed me "Princess" when I was a little girl and it has stuck my whole life. I've always been fascinated with royalty and princesses, and not necessarily because I want to be one. I think it's the idea of how ladylike and classy and beautiful princesses are portrayed to be that I admire. Of course, their job is not easy! And we've had famous princesses throughout history who probably had it tougher than the average teenage girl today, even with all her maids and servants and pretty dresses! These princesses I've chosen to list today are not ALL of the famous princesses throughout history, but they are some of my personal favorites and I'm going to tell you why. Keep reading my article for 10 famous princesses throughout history!

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Nefertiti Photo Credit: freakyman

To be honest, not much is known about Princess Nefertiti. She was gorgeous, we know that much! Old egyptian sculptures that have been found have depicted her beauty as flawless. I'm sure with all those Nile beauty secrets and remedies she probably had it made! But princess Nefertiti makes my list of 10 famous princesses throughout history because she is one of the first princesses we have record of. She's a link to the past!


Nefertiti was an ancient Egyptian princess who lived during the 14th century BC. She is believed to have been the daughter of Ay, a high-ranking official in the court of Pharaoh Amenhotep III. Nefertiti is best known for her marriage to Pharaoh Akhenaten, with whom she ruled as queen during the Amarna period. She was renowned for her beauty and is often depicted in ancient Egyptian art with a long, slender neck and a graceful, elegant posture. Nefertiti was also known for her intelligence and political influence, as she played a significant role in the religious and cultural reforms initiated by her husband. Her legacy continues to fascinate people today, making her one of the most famous princesses in history.


Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette Photo Credit: poudrederiz.blogspot.com

I am fascinated with Marie Antoinette! She had such a responsibility put on her at a very young age, and then later died a tragic death but through it all she was so brave! She became royalty at age 14, and was later beheaded in the revolution. Wow! You don't think of princesses getting beheaded, do you?


Grace Kelly

Photo Credit: girlswallpaper.org

Grace Kelly is one of the famous princesses throughout history that shows a glamourous side of royalty. She was a movie star! It's been said that her husband banned her films from being shown in Monaco after she became princess there. Probably not a bad idea, since a princess should portray elegance at all times! But I love her classy symbol and bold example.


Grace Kelly's transition from Hollywood icon to Monegasque royalty was a fairy tale come true. As an Academy Award-winning actress, she captured hearts with her ethereal beauty and natural elegance. Her marriage to Prince Rainier III in 1956 was dubbed the "Wedding of the Century," turning the film star into a genuine princess. Despite retiring from acting, her legacy on screen endures, and she remains a timeless inspiration to those who admire the romance and responsibility of royal life. Kelly's commitment to humanitarian efforts further solidified her impact far beyond the glitz of Tinseltown or the glamour of the palace.



Cinderella Photo Credit: fanpop.com">https://www.fanpop.com/spots/disney-princess/images/5998352/title/cinderella-wallpaper-wallpaper">fanpop.com

I think it's obvious that Cinderella is one of the most famous princesses throughout history of all. Disney did good with their pauper-turned-princess classic. What ordinary Sally doesn't dream of fame and fortune overnight? I think little girls all over the world will be loving cinderella for years and years to come. After all, the idea of being royal appeals to just about everyone doesn't it? And Cinderella is probably one of the best role models your little girl could have!


Princess Diana

Princess Diana Photo Credit: girlswallpaper.org

I remember how much my mother loved Princess Diana. She had so many books about her! Princess Diana's fairy-tale wedding was watched live on TV by an estimated 750 million! Whew! Talk about being popular. I believe she can be considered one of the most famous princesses throughout history because she truly acted like one. That smile, always on her face is the best-kept beauty secret princesses know about.


Princess Leia

Princess Leia Photo Credit: fanpop.com

Star Wars has proven that not every princess is the typical ball-gown, tiara-wearing type of girl. No, princess Leia had a mission! Also known as the "fantasy woman of nerds", Princess Leia, whose character was portrayed by Carrie Fisher, makes my list of 10 famous princesses throughout history not only because of her can-do attitude, but also because of the powerful unfolding legend and saga of the Star Wars and the part she played in it. What an inspiration!


Princess Buttercup

Princess Buttercup Photo Credit: dephendgelil.blogspot.com

Who HASN'T seen The Princess Bride? It's a corny movie by all argumentative points, yes, but it's become a classic! Many princesses throughout history, famous and non were familiar with arranged or forced marriages by whatever means and for whatever reason, no matter how trivial. But Princess Buttercup defied the odds and held out for her true love. She never gave up hope that he would come for her, and he did! What a symbol to those of us out there today, still hanging on for Mr. Right.


Mia Thermopolis

Mia Thermopolis Photo Credit: fanpop.com

The Princess Diaries? Mention that hit and every girl in the United States will know what you are talking about! Mia Thermopolis was the most unlikely candidate for the throne, but she was the best choice in the end. Anne Hathaway did a fabulous job portraying the clumsy, yet adorable character we all fell in love with. I don't think that this is one famous princess that will soon fade away, do you?



Tiana Photo Credit: fanpop.com

Tiana is certainly a famous princess throughout history! She is the very first African-American Disney princess on the scene! And who can't help but love that adorable little sidekick of hers, the FROG! They make an unlikely, but adorable pair and in the end, Tiana does get her happily ever after. This cute cartoon goes to show you that not every dream is easily achieved, even for royalty!


Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton Photo Credit: clickandseeworld.blogspot.com

Ahhhhhhh, the latest craze! Kate Middleton! She certainly does have a very loooong line of glass slippers to fill, but I bet her feet will fit perfectly. Kate has been the perfect example of royalty from day 1, and her style is simply mah-velous dahling. Classy and elegant, exactly what royalty should be! I have a feeling Kate's mark on history is only just beginning!

As you can see from my list, not all of these princesses are real people who actually lived. But fictional and on-screen characters have made a huge impression in our society as well as the real thing. I think it's every little girls dream to be a princess at one time or another! Who is your favorite princess from my list of 10 famous princesses throughout history?

Top Photo Credit: data.whicdn.com

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