10 Famous Princesses Throughout History ...


My grandmother nicknamed me "Princess" when I was a little girl and it has stuck my whole life. I've always been fascinated with royalty and princesses, and not necessarily because I want to be one. I think it's the idea of how ladylike and classy and beautiful princesses are portrayed to be that I admire. Of course, their job is not easy! And we've had famous princesses throughout history who probably had it tougher than the average teenage girl today, even with all her maids and servants and pretty dresses! These princesses I've chosen to list today are not ALL of the famous princesses throughout history, but they are some of my personal favorites and I'm going to tell you why. Keep reading my article for 10 famous princesses throughout history!

1. Nefertiti


Photo Credit: freakyman

To be honest, not much is known about Princess Nefertiti. She was gorgeous, we know that much! Old egyptian sculptures that have been found have depicted her beauty as flawless. I'm sure with all those Nile beauty secrets and remedies she probably had it made! But princess Nefertiti makes my list of 10 famous princesses throughout history because she is one of the first princesses we have record of. She's a link to the past!

Marie Antoinette
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