7 Most Influential Women of the Last Decade ...


7 Most Influential Women of the Last Decade ...
7 Most Influential Women of the Last Decade ...

The past decade saw a number of women reach extraordinary heights in their profession or career. It was an inspiring decade, one full of exultant triumphs and astonishing defeats. Through it all, these 7 women stood their ground and showed us their true metal. They have played a vital role in transforming the landscape of their careers and here are the reasons why.

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Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s run for president was one of the most awe-inspiring events of the last decade. Never before did a female politician manage to garner so much support and momentum in a presidential run. She was largely expected to win the Democratic nomination and would’ve broken ground as the first woman President. Ultimately she did not win but continues to serve the government in the critical role of US Secretary of State.


Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey continues to be the media mogul of the world. Her talk show is one of the most popular ones of its kind and her fan base is globally strong. She is also known to be a respected philanthropist constantly finding new ways to contribute to the people of her country and others. She has for years been the most powerful person in entertainment and it is certain this trend will continue.


Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama, America’s first black First Lady was the woman behind Barack Obama’s inspirational victory of the US Presidency. She has since then been breaking new ground by rolling out exciting initiatives while performing her role as First Lady of the United States. She is also known for her enviable sense of style.


Angela Merkel

Germany’s chancellor, Angel Merkel is widely respected as a politician and national leader. She has had a productive and memorable first term and is expected to comfortably win her re-election campaign. During her term she also served as leader of the G8, the second woman to do so after Margaret Thatcher. Current polls reveal that over 50% of the German voters want her to continue in her role.


Queen Rania of Jordan

Queen Rania is the wife of King Abdullah II for Jordan. Ever since she became Queen she has worked hard to draw attention to education of young people in Jordan. Abroad she is also known to strongly advocate universal primary education, a millennium development goal.


Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi is the leader of India’s ruling political party. A woman of Italian origin and educated in Cambridge, she married Rajiv Gandhi, the son of then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. After his assassination she assumed a political role that has seen remarkable triumphs and achievements. She led her party to an astounding victory in the last elections and continues to serve as the party leader.


Indra Nooyi

Indra Nooyi grabbed the attention of the business world when in 2006 she became chairman of Pepsico, one of the largest food and beverage conglomerates in the world. Her leadership is inspiring to many who hope to reach similar heights in their careers.

The seven women mentioned above have dominated their industry and profession. In their inspiring achievements they have paved the way for many to follow.

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