8 Notorious Women ...

There are many reasons why someone enters the annals of history, their actions remembered forevermore. It might be a result of nefarious crimes, a scandal or just behavior that creates infamy but I often ask myself if it’s bad people we remember more than those who have done good or tried to make a difference to the world. Here’s a few of the most notorious women in history.

1. Cleopatra

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If Queen Cleopatra VII acted today how she did back in 44BC she’d be all over the front of the gossip rags. She used her powers to seduce all the ancient world’s most powerful men and was instrumental in Julius Caesar’s downfall thanks to her affair with Marc Anthony. She also claimed she was the re-incarnation of the goddess Isis, bathed in ass’s milk and committed suicide by placing a poisonous snake next to her breast. Pass the drug test kit, please.

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