These Are the 15 Hotties to Watch in the 2016 Summer Games in Rio ...


While the rest of the world cheers for their Olympians in Rio this summer, I'll be paying special attention to my own home country hotties, the men who make watching the Games worthwhile. Wondering who you ought to be following? Here's the lowdown on who the hottest of the hot are, so you can DVR each of their events.

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Jake Kaminski

sports, archery, outdoor recreation, target archery, Sport: Archery
This New York-born hottie now lives in California, and this will be his second Olympics. Go, Jake!


Antonio Vargas

athlete, contact sport, combat sport, sports, Sport: Boxing
This is Antonio's first Olympic Games, so even if he weren't completely gorgeous, we'd be cheering for him anyway.


Daryl Homer

contact sport, combat sport, plumbing fixture, Sport: Fencing
There's something just otherworldly hot about a man who's listed "saber" as his discipline, isn't there? This is Daryl's second Games.


Seth Weil

performance, musician, art, music, concert, Sport: Rowing
If you have a thing for bearded gentlemen, this rower is perhaps the man for you to follow. Goodness, is he fine.


Charlie Buckingham

sailing, sail, boating, vehicle, dinghy, Sport: Sailing
The sort of sailing I'm imaginging with Charlie isn't really strenuous, more romantic. Or is it just me?


Matt Emmons

musician, musical ensemble, air force, marching band, soldier, Sport: Shooting
This is Matt's fourth Olympics, and in the personal notes section of his Team USA bio, it says he plays guitar, too. Swoon!


Kanak Jha

sports, racquet sport, table tennis, canoe sprint, boating, Sport: Table Tennis
Could this ping-pong - sorry, table tennis - Olympian be any cuter? I just want to put him in my pocket. He's way too young to be a hottie - the youngest male table tennis Olympian, ever - but he sure is cute!


Steven Lopez

person, human action, sports, contact sport, physical exercise, Sport: Taekwondo
So this guy's an older man, but wow, is he fit! This will be his fifth Olympic Games. That's unreal!


Nico Hernandez

sports, person, boxing, human action, contact sport, Sport: Boxing
Reading Nico's profile on the Team USA site, it's clear he's a not the bad boy he appears to be, and he'll likely be a winner at this Summer Games.


Michael Hixon

hair, hairstyle, facial hair, Sport: Diving
Though Micheal's been diving since he was seven, this will be his first Olympics. It's impossible to find a good photo of him not making a funny diving face, so this will have to do til you can see him in Rio.


Greg Billington

clothing, vacation, sports, athlete, surfing, Sport: Triathlon
In case you don't know what a triathlon is, it's cycling, swimming, and running, all in sequence, fastest one wins. To be good at one is stellar... to be an Olympian at all three together? Yeah.


Casey Eichfeld

canoeing, sports, canoe, canoe slalom, kayaking, Sport: Canoe/Kayak
Casey looks like he's spent most of his life outdoors - he looks ruggedly handsome, and I'll be hoping he gets all wet, and his shirt sticks to him. That's all.


Connor Fields

player, athlete, cycle sport, motocross, racing, Sport: Cycling
His passion is BMX, and he does have that rough-and-tumble X-Games look about him, doesn't he? This will be Connor's second Olympics.


Jason Pryor

person, contact sport, sports, combat sport, profession, Sport: Fencing
This will be Jason's first Summer Games, but he's a true athlete, and he won my heart when I saw he listed "screenwriting, sleeping and eating" as his hobbies.


Logan Dooley

sports, racquet sport, athlete, contact sport, greco roman wrestling, Sport: Gymnastics
Logan's discipline? Trampoline. Who knew? This will be his first Olympic Games, and I can't wait to see his LED-bright smile on the podium when he accepts his gold.

Which of these hotties will you be watching? Or - gasp! - did I leave your future husband off my list?

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