32 Gorgeous Images of Marilyn Monroe That You Might Not Have Seen before ...


32 Gorgeous Images of Marilyn Monroe That You Might Not Have Seen before ...
32 Gorgeous Images of Marilyn Monroe That You Might Not Have Seen before ...

Marilyn Monroe isn't with us anymore, but she sure left behind a legacy, didn't she? It's been decades since this iconic beauty died, but her photos and quotes are still seen all over the place, all the time. I think that says something: that she knew what life was about and was someone that people could relate to and look up to. Marilyn Monroe left us far too young, but there is still a lot to be learned from her.

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Thinking Cap on

Thinking Cap on Via berry-break-19
We'll never know for sure what Marilyn Monroe is thinking about here, but she looks beautiful while she's doing it.


At the Beach

At the Beach Via El Blog De Tuico: Por ...
Before society became obsessed with being rail thin, Marilyn had the most coveted body type around.


On the Water

On the Water Via Marilyn Monroe
I love the suit! And her happiness makes her all that more lovely, don't you think?


The Last Sitting, 1962

The Last Sitting, 1962 Via vanityfair.com
Marilyn had her share of struggles, but she lived pretty well while she was here.


Marilyn Monroe and James Dean

Marilyn Monroe and James Dean Via Marilyn Monroe and James Dean ...
What a perfect pair - even it was mostly in the movies.


Big Dress

Big Dress Via Marilyn Monroe Black & White ...
What girl wouldn't want to wear this big, fluffy dress? It looks great on her!


Curvy Body Type

Curvy Body Type Via Marilyn Monroe Style!
Marilyn was curvy, but no one ever said she wasn't gorgeous. That's a great lesson for all of us.


Basking in the Sunshine

Basking in the Sunshine Via My Closet...
Marilyn Monroe probably went through a ton of photo shoots, but this is one my favorites.


On the Job

On the Job Via Yahoo - login
No matter what else is said about her, Marilyn Monroe was a star on the big screen.


Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter is the Best Medicine Via The Most Popular Celebrity Hairstyles ...
She may have battled depression, but she could still pull off a smile that lit up a room.


Classic White Dress

Classic White Dress Via From Pretty Woman and Atonement ...
Everyone has seen this image, but it never gets old.


Wearing Pants

Wearing Pants Via Carousel: Spreading The Love, Front ...
So many of the photos of Marilyn are taken in dresses, but she sure could rock a pair of pants too.


Getting Ready

Getting Ready Via The young and beautiful Marilyn ...
Marilyn was a natural beauty so it probably didn't take long for her to be ready for the camera.


Vintage Ball Gown

Vintage Ball Gown Via instyle.com
I wish I had a dress like this one hanging in my closet. Isn't it beautiful?


Looking Casual

Looking Casual Via fashionista.com
Maybe she's taking a break or she's on the set, but she looks like she's thinking hard about something.


Normal Clothes

Normal Clothes Via 15 Inspiring Photos of Marilyn ...
Here you can see Marilyn wearing a casual and comfy outfit that any woman would love.


On the Set of the Misfits

On the Set of the Misfits Via razzle dazzle, vintagegal: Marilyn Monroe on ...
She looks different with this hairstyle, but gorgeous all the same.


All Dressed up

All Dressed up Via Marilyn Monroe.
She's all dressed up. I wonder where she's going.


Looks like Barbie

Looks like Barbie Via indulgy.com
She looks like a Barbie doll in this picture, don't you think?



Provacative Via Shades of Scarlett
These types of photos weren't super common during Marilyn's time, but she knew what she was doing.


Tree Hugger

This is a lovely laid back photo of Marilyn Monroe.


Looking Young

Looking Young Via 26 Beautiful Marilyn Monroe Photos ...
She never really looked old, but Marilyn sure looks young in this picture. Must be the braids.


In a Potato Sack

In a Potato Sack Via Only Marilyn Monroe Could Make ...
I'm not sure why she's wearing a potato sack, but she does it complete justice.


Enjoying Nature

Enjoying Nature Via 15 Inspiring Photos of Marilyn ...
She sure seems to be enjoying soaking up the sun's rays.


Plunging Neckline

Plunging Neckline Via The Best Vintage Photos of ...
If anyone could pull off this look, Marilyn Monroe can.


Time in the Park

Time in the Park Via 9 Rare Color Photos Of ...
She was probably working, but it's nice to think that Marilyn got some time to spend just for the enjoyment of it.


Ballerina Sequence

Ballerina Sequence Via cranville-prints-and-paintings.co.uk
She looks lovely in these photos, don't you think? There's that crinoline/dress again...


In a Suit

In a Suit Via 1950s Pinup Wiggle Suit- Monroe ...
Even in a suit, Marilyn just oozed womanly appeal. I love the color of the fabric!


Looking Stylish

Looking Stylish Via The Best Vintage Photos of ...
This look was clearly trendy during Marilyn's time, but I think it could still work today.


Little Red Dress

Little Red Dress Via Marilyn Monroe Is Back From ...
Every girl needs a great red dress and Marilyn Monroe was no exception.


Loose Hair

Loose Hair Via 19 Pictures That Will Make ...
She doesn't look as done up in this photo, but that doesn't deter from her jaw dropping looks.


Red Lips

Red Lips Via Bubble your image.
You don't see many photos of Marilyn Monroe without her iconic red lipstick.

What do you love most about Marilyn Monroe? Which of these photos is your favorite?

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she was very beautiful.

Number 8 is my favorite!!! What a beautiful woman :)


Like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn was a one off. Dont get them like that anymore

Number 12 isn't marilyn.

Number 12 is model Eva Herzigova

The pics won't load!!! :(


Very beautiful but I wouldn't consider her a role model...

#18 she is on the set of Bus Stop, In costume.

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