The 7 Muslim Instagramers Every Girl Should Follow ...

Instagram is a great platform for people to express themselves, with hundreds of thousands of makeup, beauty, fashion, gym, and life pages out there; some of them made by beautiful Muslim women and these are my favorites, these Muslim Instagramers! How many of you actually know about these rare Instagram stars? They're the gems that bring us countless makeup tutorials, photography, style inspiration, and life pick-me-ups and the best part is that you DON’T have to be Muslim to fall in love with what they have to offer. To help you out, here is a list of the seven Muslim Instagramers EVERY girl should follow.


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Tamanna Roashan is an international Muslim beauty who isn’t only responsible for bringing us the amazing "Tamanna Palette’’ sold worldwide through Anastasia Beverly Hills, but also offers countless beauty transformation tips on her Instagram page. Tamanna shows every girl how to take herself from fair to fab and her countless celebrity clients (like Lilly Ghalichi, Gretchen Rossi, Leyla Milani, to name a few) show us just how respected this makeup artist is and why thousands of women flock to her page. If you’re not already following her, do yourself a favor and click ‘Follow,’ it will be the best decision of your beautifying life. She's one of my all-time fave Muslim Instagramers... really, one of my favorites all-around!

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