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13 Celebs You're Ashamed to Admit You Have a Crush on ...

By Amy

The heart wants what it wants...even if our minds can't quite understand it sometimes. Got a secret crush on a...err..."special" celebrity but afraid to admit it? Perhaps he's on Amy's list. Thanks for the fun post Amy!

We all have them: those secret crushes on certain celebs we’re ashamed to admit to anyone (maybe even ourselves) that we harbour in the deepest recesses of our heart, free from judgement and shame. Whether they’re age inappropriate (like when your mum fancies a boy band member, or in fact, when you do) or just cringingly awful, they continue to fester, the subjects of furtive lip biting and thigh rubbing. Hey, it’s okay: this is a safe space; here, we can admit to our secret lusts, with 9 of the top embarrassing celeb crushes.

1 Tom Cruise

Tom CruiseShrouded in the murky cloud of Scientology, rumours of wife-auditioning and infamous couch-jumping, you know he’s probably gay, you also know he might be part alien, but you still would. He’s Tom Cruise, and that is enough.

2 John Travolta

John TravoltaTry as he might deter us with that Christmas album with Olivia Newton-John, pre-Scientology bloat, Danny from Grease lives on in our hearts.

3 Ed Sheeran

Ed SheeranProbably one you share with your mum. That penchant for slightly goofy red heads that started with Ron Weasley has never quite gone away, has it? Somehow, the inoffensive acoustic guitar plucker has become immensely popular, despite tattoos of Pingu and a cup of tea. I mean, you really shouldn’t and wouldn’t mention it to anyone without immediately losing all vestiges of cred, but somehow, the crush lives on. It’s ok, just as long as you don’t start listening to his music.

4 Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy ClarksonIf I have to explain why a crush on one of the most obnoxious (racist, sexist, xenophobic) men out there is something you might want to keep to yourself, this is probably the wrong list for you to be reading. But sometimes, when you’re watching Top Gear, you just find yourself drifting off, right? If nothing else, you’d be in for an exciting ride and would probably get some good laughs in on the way.

5 Jeremy Kyle

Jeremy KyleLook, I don’t know why, but I've heard this one too many times to leave it off.

6 Simon Cowell

Simon CowellWhat is it about that square head, hair that looks like it’s been shorn with a lawnmower and mom jeans that sends our hearts a flutter?

7 Gordon Ramsay

Gordon RamsayThe man can cook! Need I say more? The fact that he’s not afraid to take charge and swear like a sailor are just added bonuses.

8 Boris Johnson

Boris JohnsonIgnore his politics (perhaps) and the dodge blond barnet, there’s something about the man’s foppish manner that wins us over every time. Who could resist the stunt that left him dangling over London, after all?

9 Harry Styles

Harry StylesOh, the long, long list of reasons as to why this is wrong: the teenybopper is barely out of puberty and has already won himself the reputation of being a bit of a slag, associating his name with some of the hottest young things out there and causing a twitter melt down every time he does. And yet, older and wiser though we are, we still find him rather 1Derful.

10 Justin Bieber

Justin BieberWhile we all admit that he was adorable earlier in this life, now that he is growing up? We've got to admit that we have a huge, huge crush on him! His body is hot and while he might be a little bit of an ass sometimes, that doesn't mean we don't like that bad boy attitude!

11 Liam Neeson

Liam NeesonAdmit it, we all dream of getting 'taken' by Liam! He may be a bit older, but there is just something so secure and so -- hot about Liam, especially in the Taken films! How could you not love him?

12 Alan Rickman

Alan RickmanWhether he is Professor Snape or he is playing in a period piece, admit it, you'd love to be with Alan Rickman in any form. His voice is very bedroom like and his lips are oh-so-full!

13 Hugh Laurie

Hugh LaurieDr. House is by far one of the hottest guys in the world and the fact that he has an English accent? Makes it that much better! If you don't want to admit that you have a crush on Hugh -- you've got problems! This guy might be older, but he's hottest than most of the teens out there!

So there you have it: some of the possibly more inexplicable crushes that we may never openly admit to having, but will continue to enjoy in secret. Next time you see that far away gaze in your colleague’s eyes when Ed Sheeran comes on Radio 1 or Jeremy Kyle’s on in the background when you pop round a friend’s house, you’ll know you’re not alone.

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