8 Best TV Teen Role Models ...


8 Best TV Teen Role Models ...
8 Best TV Teen Role Models ...

Are you a teenager looking for good teen role models? Are you a parent looking for good TV shows that can influence your teenager to be a better person? I have spent several hours watching episode clips, reading reviews and digging deep into the 8 TV shows listed in this article, and I believe I have found 8 teen role models worthy of your consideration.

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Harper Finkle from "Wizards of Waverly Place"

I love Harper Finkle! She is a wonderful teen role model! Always kind-hearted and full of life, Harper is the friend everyone should have. I mean, everyone should have a friend that is willing to get into trouble with them, right? No, seriously, though, Harper is one to look to when learning how to be a good friend and helper.


Jenna Hamilton from "Awkward"

Jenna is your everyday teenager. She is the girl next door that is experiencing the same questions and problems that every teenager faces. While I cannot condone teenage drinking and promiscuity, which leads to more problems in a young life, I can say that Jenna is a great example of how one should take charge of their own life. The only one who knows which person is right for you is you! The only one who knows which job in life will work best for you is you! Make goals and work toward them and make your life count!


Lizzie McGuire from "Lizzie McGuire"

When it comes to a role model who knows right from wrong, that would be Lizzie McGuire. Her cartoon alter ego makes a great addition to her show, giving you more insight to her inner feelings. She helps us realize that we can want to do something very badly, even dream about it, but when it comes down to doing it, doing what is right matters most.


Rory Gilmore from "Gilmore Girls"

Rory Gilmore is the perfect example of how a girl can relate to her mother. It is a good thing to have a great relationship with your Mama! Personally, I wish I would have had a better relationship with my mother growing up, but for some strange reason, I was very close to my father instead. I love the "connection" Rory and her mother share. A best friend and a mother all in one, what could be better than that?


Entire Cast of "iCarly"

My son is 5 years old and loves "iCarly"! They are always funny and seem to enjoy life. They make other people laugh too, with their web show. It is a good thing to make others smile. Smiles are contagious, so the more that are shared, the happier the world will be! Carly's big brother is an amazing role model in that he cares for his sister enough to take her in and provide for her. To love a sibling that much is something that makes a heart happy to see. Wouldn't you agree?


Finn Hudson from "Glee"

Finn is the "big dog" that turns "underdog." He shows that he is more willing to be great at something than it is to be popular. Even better, he is a leader! We need leaders today. We need teenagers willing to stand up and be good influences on others. Everyone was born for a purpose, with a specific role to make this world a better place. For some, being popular in high school is the most they will ever achieve, while others, like Finn, go on to do things with their life that will give them a lifetime of joy and fulfillment.


Jessie Prescott from "Jessie"

We must remember that no matter how young we are, there is still someone younger looking up to us. Jessie is a good teen role model on how to handle smaller children. Sure, they can get on your nerves sometimes, (trust me, I know! I had six younger siblings!) but then again, you and I were young once too. Children need teenagers like Jessie to look up to and be able to spend time with, someone who can guide them in the right direction, help them learn right from wrong. It is for this reason that programs like the Big Brother/Big Sister organization is such a wonderful thing! Do you have children look up to you like Jessie does?


Sue Heck from "the Middle"

Bless her heart! Sue just has it rough, doesn't she? And yet, she is always happy and optimistic. Why look at the glass half empty when you can see it as half full? Sue teaches us that even when life is rough, even when we have bad days, we still have something to be cheerful about. Wouldn't you rather live a happy life, like Sue, than to be sad and miserable all the time? Life is rough and we all have bad days, but the sun still shines and tomorrow is another day full of opportunity!

We all need someone to look up to. We all need that person that makes us want to be a better person. Who is your role model in the TV world? If you are now an adult, who was your teen role model growing up? We would love to hear from you!

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I'm a teenager and I have to agree that Finn Hudson is an awesome role model (even if he can be an airhead at times lol) but my 2 role models of all time are Marty McFly and Alex P. Keaton. Marty because he realized that you don't have to fight to prove that you're tough and Alex because he never gave up on his dream of being a stockbroker in New York. At least I think it was a stockbroker lol

Jenna from awkward is totally my favee !!!

None of the Glee characters are good for role models tbh. If I have to choose anyone from glee to be a role model I would choose Mercedes or Rachel Berry. Definitely not Finn Hudson. Not a fan of him ever since he outed Santana in front of everyone and blackmailed her.

Raven from that's so raven :D

What about teen carrie bradshaw in the carrie diaries?

"Lizzie McGuire" is definitely one of my all time faves! I looked up to Hilary duff as a little girl and still do today. She simply is the best role model.

They aren't on TV, but I really look up to Little Mix! They are so inspiring! Fx Jesy, she is a beautiful curvy girl, but when they were on X Factor a lot of people said she was fat, ugly, etc. and it made her sad, but she said that she refused to go on a diet, cause its our differences that make us unique! She is such a good role model, they all are!

Selena Gomez should be there because she helped me to become a better person

Aw Little Mix!!! Also in real life, definitely Selena Gomez. So good picture choice :)

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