Do You Smooch Your Sweetie like Miley Kisses Patrick? ...


This week, Miley Cyrus was spotted smooching her sweetie, Patrick Schwarzenegger, and they are so cute together!

(Love the beanie, by the way.)

Aside from showing us all how happy she is, Miley demonstrated what most of us already know - there are lots of different types of kisses to share with your own sweetheart... and our love expert, Holly, has a list for us to work through. Pucker up!

1. French Kiss

This is the kiss that most of us are used to. Instead of basking in a sweet little closed lip kiss, you part your lips and let your tongue get in on the action. This is one of the different types of kisses that is the most popular. As long as both of you are comfortable with the gesture, have fun!

Spiderman Kiss
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