7 Lovely Famous Ballerinas You Should Know about ...


7 Lovely Famous Ballerinas You Should Know about ...
7 Lovely Famous Ballerinas You Should Know about ...

If you are going to parade around town in your super cute ballerina flats you should at least be familiar with a handful of famous ballerinas. Most ladies I know have had a season of developing their inner ballerina. Of course, this season ranges from taking a year of ballet in 2nd grade to watching Black Swan on repeat. Regardless of your previous knowledge, this list of 7 famous ballerinas you should know will put you at least somewhat in the know.

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Misty Copeland

Misty Copeland Misty Copeland is an inspiration inside and outside of the dance world. She's clearly an amazingly talented dancer but the reason she's first on this list is because she is an example for us all. She is curvier than the average ballerina and often speaks about women and the importance of body image. She also started dancing at 13, which is much later than most professional dancers. Misty is noted as the first African American female soloist for the American Ballet Theatre. Here is a short clip of Misty speaking candidly and dancing - youtu.be


Darcey Bussell

Darcey Bussell Darcey Bussell is a retired English ballerina. She received her classical training at the prestigious Royal Ballet School, where she later became employed and was noted as one of the greatest British ballerinas of all time. I think she's totally elegant, poised & sophisticated, exactly how you imagine a proper ballerina should be. Since retiring from ballet, she shared that motherhood is what saved her from the natural depression that could easily follow that kind of a life transition. Check out Darcy's rehearsal clip for the Royal Ballet School - youtu.be


Diana Vishneva

Diana Vishneva Diana Vishneva is a popular Russian ballerina. She currently dances for the American Ballet Theatre as well as the Mariinsky Ballet. She's so graceful and disciplined with her form that I found myself watching her dance clips on repeat. She's the type of ballerina that little girls (and not so little girls) watch and dream about being like when they grow up. Diana is brilliant because she makes dancing look easy, and well, all you have to do is attempt to duplicate her moves to see that it's clearly not. You have to watch this woman dance! youtu.be


Uliana Lopatkina

Uliana Lopatkina I chose Uliana because my little cousin is a ballerina and says Uliana is her absolute favorite, so I trusted her opinion. After watching a clip of Uliana's Giselle solo I had to agree that she must be on this list. Uliana is a Russian born Prima ballerina for the Kirov Ballet & Mariinsky Theatre. If you don't know what a Prima ballerina is, it's the second highest title awarded to a ballerina. Uliana is a pure dancer, she seems to float effortlessly. Watch Uliana's amazing solo here - youtu.be


Julie Kent

Julie Kent Are you kidding me? You have to watch this woman's legs move. She's like a hummingbird, but with her legs, not wings. Julie Kent is an American ballet dancer for the American Ballet Theatre. She seems to be a little under the radar compared to some of the other ladies on this list, but one cool fact about her is that she was featured in the famous film "Center Stage." Check Julie's dance moves out youtu.be


Paloma Herrera

Paloma Herrera I think Paloma Herrera is a magnificent dancer. She's an Argentinian ballerina who became noted as a prodigy dancer in South America before dancing for the English National Ballet in London and School of American Ballet in New York. Her role as Cupid in Don Quixote is probably what she is most famous for and opened the door for her to become a principal dancer for the American Ballet Theatre. Check out Paloma's beautiful dancing at youtu.be.


Miyako Yoshida

Miyako Yoshida Miyako Yoshida is a famous retired Japanese ballerina. I found her inspiring because she danced well into her 40s. Until 2010, Miyako danced for The Royal Ballet, as well as K-ballet in Japan. While dancing for The Royal Ballet she won the Best Female Dancer in National Dance Awards. Although ballet doesn't have a super long history in Japan, Miyako has paved the way for younger ballerinas. Watch Miyako glide through air! youtu.be

Ballet is such a timeless art form, don't you think ladies? There are so many note worthy ballerinas today. Who are some of your favorite ballerinas? I'd love to know!

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#6 More info please!

I love all if them. I especially use Misty Copeland as a great Inspiration as i am a ballet dancer as well. I think about her while im doing pointe the most cuz that kills my feet but im finishing my first year so u cant blame me

What she does in the photo is called an arabesque, and the most obvious way to see that it's not a professional ballet dancer is the foot of the back leg. It hangs down, and is what we call a sickled foot. The foot is supposed to form a line upwards, not downwards as it does now. It's all in the technical details really

My favorite is Marianella Nunez from the royal ballet. She is just gorgeous, especially in swan lake :D

Great article! Celia Franka and Karen Kain are among the top in Ballet and have made Canadian Ballet into what it is today.

I loved this article!

I don't know how or why anyone can say ballet js easy it's really not I can't say from experience and Anna pavlova isn't on here but you should check her out she's amazing :)

@Oda thanks for the feedback! Why do you feel that way? I know so many women who love and appreciate what you do, it's so amazing :). I'm curious though, how did you know the header photo was not a real ballerina?

Great article ! I'm a dancer myself and I'm also from Texas , but what about lauren Anderson one of the first African American prima ballerinas ?

Baryshnikov anyone? Bella Kovarsky? Alexander Godunov?

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