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After learning these fun facts about Jennifer Lawrence, you just might start to love her even more. She is hilarious, outspoken, and not like the typical Hollywood celebrity. These great facts about Jennifer Lawrence will just feed your love for her even more.

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She Was in an MTV Commercial

One of my personal favorite facts about Jennifer Lawrence was that she was in a commercial for the MTV show “My Super Sweet 16.” She doesn’t even have any lines but she still shows off her typical Jennifer Lawrence hilarity.


She Auditioned for Twilight

She Auditioned for Twilight Can you imagine Jennifer Lawrence as Bella Swan? She auditioned for the “Twilight” role but lost it out to Kristen Stewart. It would have been very strange to see someone else play the breakout role of Kristen Stewart.


She Graduated Early

She Graduated Early In order to fulfill her dream of being an actress, she graduated high school two years early to move to California. That does not mean she left school early, she earned her diploma her sophomore year. And she still managed to graduate with a 3.9 GPA.


She Almost Wasn’t Katniss

She Almost Wasn’t Katniss After seeing how Kristen Stewart's breakout role took over her life, she was intimidated at the thought of taking on a role like Katniss. She was scared it would change her entire life. Luckily for us, she accepted the role after a few days of thinking it over.


She Was in a Music Video

Before she took on her famous role, she was hitting the music video circuit. She was featured in the music video for the song “The Mess I Made” by the indie band Parachute. She doesn’t get to do much real acting but it is always nice to see J-Law before she became famous. She mostly just makes out with the lead singer and has close ups of her face.


Her Winter’s Bone Stunt Was Real

Her Winter’s Bone Stunt Was Real If her have ever seen “Winter’s Bone,” you saw the scene where Lawrence kills and skins her own squirrel. Not wanting the scene to feel unreal, she learned how to skin her own squirrel, and did it in the movie. That is her actually killing that squirrel. If that is not dedication to the role then I don’t know what is.


She Gets Star Struck over Jeff Bridges

She Gets Star Struck over Jeff Bridges Even as an A-list celeb, she still obsesses over celebrities. She has an obsession with Jeff Bridges and goes star struck anytime she sees him on the red carpet. She even named “The Big Lebowski” as one of her favorite movies.


She Once Stalked John Stamos at a Party

He assumed she was drunk. We know better, don't we? She was awesome, not drunk.


Was Voted “Most Talkative”

Was Voted “Most Talkative” Seeing her in interview now, it isn’t that surprising that she won the superlative of “most talkative” in school. Her nickname when she was younger was “Nitro” because she was so hyper and never stopped talking.

We all love Jennifer Lawrence. She is the girl we can be best friends with. And these fun facts about her just prove how down to earth and crazy she can be. What did you think of these fun facts about Jennifer Lawrence? Do you like how different she seems from other celebrities? Do these facts improve or worsen your opinion of her?

Sources: news.moviefone.com, voices.yahoo.com

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She killed a real squirrel Omg :/

I love The Mess I Made.

I LOVE that song! I've watched the video several times and never realized that was her! Going to have to watch it again now, it makes it so much better!

@Hannah, I'd have more respectfor her if she killed and skinned u instead

The fact about the squirrel grossed me out, but other from that, I still think she's awesome ;)

I knew most of these facts cuz I love Jlaw but it's still a lot of fun reading about her

Love you Jennifer

Jennifer is beautiful and I hope she never changes

She's like the anti-hollywood stereotype. I love her!

What's wrong with killing squirrel she's from kentucky

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