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Bookmark this page for a day when you're feeling blue, because we will be reliving some of the funniest Justin Timberlake moments! It's no secret that Justin has brought "sexy back," but he seems to have brought back comedy too. Justin is now a favorite on SNL as well as Late Night with Jimmy Fallon due to his talent and humor. So start your swooning, ladies, as we go over 7 of the funniest Justin Timberlake moments!

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Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake History of Rap

Earlier this year, one of the funniest Justin Timberlake moments was relived for the fourth time! While appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake and his hosting friend returned to their famous routine: performing a mash up of popular rap songs in chronological order. The duo rapped through 25 songs in about five minutes, starting with The Sugarhill Gang’s classic “Apache” and ending with a rousing finale of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself." It's both amazing and funny all at once!


Bon Iver Impression

Bon Iver Impression vimeo.com
In this hilarious SNL skit, the cast parodied "Beyoncé" and "Jay Z" showing off their new baby to their celebrity friends. One of these friends is Grammy Award-winning Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon, played by Justin Timberlake. Anyone who has ever heard Bon Iver's music will have a lot of laughs watching Timberlake's impression as he serenades Blue Ivy.


Single Ladies Dance

A few years ago, Justin Timberlake made a guest appearance on SNL to be a part of a "Single Ladies" parody with Beyoncé herself. The skit also featured guest host Paul Rudd as the director and Andy Samberg as another backup dancer, which added to the hilarity. Timberlake said in an interview that to convince Beyoncé to do the parody, he put on the leotard that he would be wearing in the skit, dropped his robe in front of her, and stared into space. I'm glad that convinced her!



Veganville dailymotion.com
Another favorite reoccurring skit Timberlake was a part of on SNL was where he's advertising various restaurants through songs. Veganville was the most recent, and included poplar song parodies like "We Found Love" and "Harlem Shake." What's funnier than watching Justin Timberlake dance and sing in a giant tofu costume?


The Lonely Island Songs

Justin Timberlake has been featured in a few of The Lonely Island's songs and each one has been really funny! So far there's "Dick in a Box," "Motherlover," and "3-Way (The Golden Rule)." If I had to choose one out of the three that I laughed at the most, it would have to be "Motherlover." Just a warning, there are some explicit lyrics to the song!


Matching Jean Outfits

Matching Jean Outfits Remember that time Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears showed up at the 2001 American Music Awards in matching denim outfits? Sorry Justin, but they were just so bad that they were laughable enough to make it to this list. I'm really glad that Justin's sense of style has improved since 2001! This may have been an early sign that their relationship was doomed to fail.


Classy Diss

This is more of a laughable moment towards Kanye West than Justin, but it was so awesome that I had to add it to this list. During his performance on SNL, Justin decided to inadvertently diss Kanye West for making fun of his song "Suit & Tie." Instead of singing the song's original line of "S--t so sick, got a hit and picked up a habit," Timberlake sang "My hit's so sick, got rappers acting dramatic," which many interpreted as a response to Kanye West.

There are so many funny Justin Timberlake moments that it's hard to list them all! That's where you all come in! What's your favorite funniest Justin Timberlake moment? Or, let us know why you love JT, but I'm pretty sure our comments section is going to be overflowing if everyone actually answers! Funny, sexy, and classy, what's not to love?!

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For some reason the volume on my iPhone5 for this app doesn't work on videos

I'd definitely let him whip me if I misbehaved :p

My first celebrity crush and still is. ;)

Gah I love him so much

The Barry gibb talk show skit he did on snl was hilarious too. I youtube that all the time!

Ha! Love it!

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