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7 TV Bromances That Show the Meaning of Friendship ...

By Holly

TV bromances can be just as heartwarming as romances. Men are traditionally known as being tough, but when they’re with their BFF things can get mushy. Boys can be just as sentimental as girls and love their buds. Here are the top TV bromances that have made audiences say ‘aww.’

1 Shawn and Cory from Boy Meets World

Shawn and Cory from Boy Meets World One of the most memorable TV bromances are between these childhood friends. These buddies have been close since they were young. Friends can drift apart, but Cory and Shawn stay strong until college and onward. When Topanga marries Cory, Shawn gets worried that they’ll stop hanging out, but nothing can come between them. They’ve caused a good amount of trouble over the years, but always manage to get out of it together. Whenever one starts to fall apart, the other helps him put his life back together.

2 Joey and Chandler from Friends

Joey and Chandler from Friends Joey might not have cuddled on a couch with Chandler like he did with Ross, but they shared an apartment for years. They played fusball, cared for a chick and duck, and are always there for each other (when the rain starts to pour). They suffered through a burglary and lived without furniture for a bit, with the exception of a stray canoe. They had fights, like when Chandler kissed Joey’s girlfriend, but always end up forgiving each other. This TV bromance shows how much true friendships can endure.

3 Sherlock and John from BBC’s Sherlock

Sherlock and John from BBC’s Sherlock Okay, this might be a little more than a bromance, but there’s no denying the closeness of these two friends. They found comfort in each other that they couldn’t find anywhere else. Over only six episodes, audiences have watched them share a flat and adventures. Although they argue, they protect each other from danger. Their love, friendly or otherwise, is apparent.

4 Tommy and Chuckie from Rugrats

Tommy and Chuckie from Rugrats These two pals prove that opposites attract. One is brave and adventurous, while the latter is shy and cautious. Despite their differences, they make a great pair. They have other close friends, but still manage to spend time together. As shown in Rugrats All Growed Up, they stick together as the years go by.

5 George and Jerry from Seinfeld

George and Jerry from Seinfeld They can be shallow and rude, but that’s what bonds them together. These friends tell each other everything—there’s no boundary between them. They might disagree on relationships or fight over an apartment, but their friendship never falters. They stick by each other, even in court and jail. No matter where they are, they manage to make conversations about nothing extremely entertaining.

6 Eric and Hyde from That 70s Show

Eric and Hyde from That 70s Show The whole group is tight, but Eric and Hyde have a special friendship. They became pals when they were both nine and Eric was too scared of Donna to walk home alone. Hyde protected him and their friendship blossomed. The years passed, and they ended up living together and smoking together. Their closeness makes them view each other as brothers.

7 Joey and Jesse from Full House

Joey and Jesse from Full House Here’s another case of opposites attracting. Jesse is a suave singer in a band and Joey is a childish jokester who can make anyone laugh. Their unlikely friendship came about by taking care of Michelle. Their love for the little girl brought them together. This pair shows that friendships can form in unusual ways and bond you for life.

TV bromances make us cherish our close friends. What’s your favorite pair of men to watch? Do they remind you of you and your pals?

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