10 Insane Celebrity Fad Diets ...


What’s the most striking thing about female celebrities? Any woman is bound to answer “their figure”. True enough. And, in a world that’s obsessed with thin, thinner, thinnest, celebrity diets are generally the source of inspiration for the average women struggling to fit into last year’s pants. However, not all their diets are healthy and sustainable. Some are quite bizarre, in fact. Let’s check out 10 insane celebrity fad diets that help our much loved female divas stay in shape.

1. Baby Food Diet

Sounds silly enough without even going into the details. Made popular by the very “baby-ish” looking Reese Witherspoon, the diet asks you to dip into your baby’s bowl, share his not-so-tasty meal, and, in the process, limit daily calorie intake to no more than 600. Not the baby’s, silly, yours!

Grapefruit Oil Diet
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