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7 Interesting Facts about Bethany Mota ...

By Alicia

There’re many fun and interesting facts about Bethany Mota. She’s come a long way in her young career and is really quite inspirational. She’s very popular in the world of teens and young adults,for good reason. Read on to learn more facts about Bethany Mota.

1 She Overcame Cyber-bullying

One of the interesting facts about Bethany Mota is that she overcame cyber-bullying. She has a lot of compassion for those that’re going through this. Her story is inspirational and can encourage you if you’re dealing with cyber-bullying in your life. The lesson she seems to share most about this subject is that what others say and feel about you isn’t important. What you know to be true about yourself is what matters.

2 How Her Career Began

I love the story of how Bethany’s career actually began. It’s a beautiful story of turning something negative into something positive. Bethany actually started making her first YouTube videos when she was going through cyber-bullying. She used YouTube videos as a positive outlet while she was actually going through a very painful time in her life. This ended up opening thousands of opportunities into a bright future for her.


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3 She Has Her Own Clothing Line

Bethany has her very own clothing collection which is featured at Aeropostale. It’s made up of cute, comfy pieces that are fun, playful and capture Bethany’s personality well. There’re also some dressier pieces, too. Her collection doesn’t stop at clothing only, though. There’re also tons of accessories to shop from such as purses, scarves, jewelry and even room décor. There’s lots of cute stuff at great prices.

4 Her Videos Have over 500 Million Views

According to VidStatsx, Bethany Mota’s YouTube videos have over 500 million views. She’s very close to closing in on 600 million. And there’s no wonder. Bethany’s fun personality comes through in each video she does. Her videos typically have content on fashion, beauty and hair as well as number of other little fun things about life.

5 She’s Admits to Being a Perfectionist

Bethany’s a perfectionist. She has admitted that she’s very careful with her work. She does all of her own edits for her videos and makes sure they’re exactly the way she wants them before she lets them go live. We can all admire her hard work and see that it’s paid off. She’s respected for always giving her best efforts.

6 She’s a Doting Aunt

This is an interesting fact that isn’t always as well-known. Bethany is a doting aunt to her beautiful niece, Marin. Bethany will sometimes post pictures with her sweet niece on her Instagram account for fans to enjoy. She seems to have a lot of fun with Marin in the pictures she shares. And we all know Marin is going to love having Aunt Bethany around to advise her through all her beauty, fashion and friend situations as she grows up.

7 She’s Been Part of “Dancing with the Stars”

Bethany Mota has been a part of the fabulous show, “Dancing With The Stars.” She was an amazing performer on the show and you got to know her in a whole new way if you watched. Her personality really dazzled in this show. It was a lot of fun to watch. She handled the show beautifully, even when working under pressure.

These’re 7 interesting facts about Bethany Mota. What’re some of your favorite things about her? I look forward to reading your comments.

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