7 Interesting Fun Facts about Alexis Bledel That You Will Love ...

As a fan of Gilmore Girls, I’ve been on the lookout for facts about Alexis Bledel ever since I first met Rory. Fun facts are great conversation starters! You can share facts about your favorite celebrities while opening up the conversation to the actor, their work, and their life. Check out these facts about Alexis Bledel and see what you learn.

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An interesting fun fact about Alexis Bledel that I just learned was that Spanish was her first language. Her father is from Argentina and her mom, though born in America, was raised in Mexico. I was quite surprised because Bledel doesn’t look Hispanic at all and has no accent. Her family has strong Danish, German, Scottish and English ancestry, hence her pale skin. Bledel identifies herself as Latino when asked.

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