LeAnn Rimes Cibrian Tweets Her Happiness

By Yusuf

LeAnn Rimes Cibrian Tweets Her Happiness

If there’s one thing LeAnn Rimes knows how to do, is to profess her love in over the top ways for Mr. Eddie Cibrian.

This Easter, LeAnn did exactly that, by taking to her twitter account and letting us all know how very excited she is to be Mrs. Eddie Cibrian.

"Eddie and I are overwhelmed by the amount of lovely well wishes," LeAnn tweeted two days after becoming Mrs. Cibrian. "We are blessed and.... I'm Mrs. Cibrian!!!!! So wonderful to wake up as husband and wife. Love to all of you."

She continued , "Happy Easter Sunday my beautiful friends! Coffee...me the computer....Eddie the Sunday newspaper....waves crashing....holding hands...nice way to start it. My first Easter as a WIFE! GOD thank you for your goodness! May we all be blessed today and forever."

Though some of her followers (I’m going to refrain from saying fans) were quick to point out that she was in fact married before this and had many Easters as a wife.

"I am beyond happy to have my first Easter as Mrs. Cibrian....ARE WE CLEAR...LOL," Rimes quickly retorted. “I hope everyone had a blessed Easter with their family and friends. Love and Light to you all!”

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