Seth Rogen Bares His Soul to Stern...


Seth Rogen Bares His Soul to Stern...
Seth Rogen Bares His Soul to Stern...

Seth Rogen is all set to marry his love Lauren Miller, but he is keeping hush on when exactly the two will be tying the knot. Further, unlike most stars (and of course every other couple otherwise) he is not looking to sign a prenup with the actress.

Howard Stern had Rogen on his show today and he gave him his own two-bits on marriage (experience speaks!) especially on the pre-nup front. The veteran radio show host learnt his lesson firsthand when he lost half his fortune to his first wife Alison in his 1999 split. On his Green Hornet promotional tour, Rogen spoke on an array of topics ranging from his movie to weight loss to his marriage and how make he makes.

Speaking on the issue of his upcoming nuptials, Stern asked Rogen on whether he is getting a prenup with longtime love Miller.

"I'm not," said Rogen. "My business manager told me to get one too."

After an earful from Stern on the perils of not signing a prenup, Rogen spoke in his characteristic jestful manner.

"Marriage can be expensive and if I lose millions then it'll be the best millions I've spent," Rogen cracked. He also said that the engagement ring he gave Miller was the most expensive thing he'd ever held before, but was still less than the 'magic $50,000' Hollywood standard.

Rogen refused to divulge the date of the wedding with the fear of the paparazzi and I respect that! Let's hope his decision to not sign a pre-nup is a wise one and because they make the big commitment work!

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