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There have been some pretty incredible lessons Rihanna has taught us over the course of her career. Aside from the fact that she’s one of the biggest celebrities in the world right now, RiRi has reminded us every now and again that she’s more than just your average pop star. This girl has been through quite a bit throughout the course of her fame, and she’s been ever so kind to share some of those lessons with us. Here are 7 lessons Rihanna has taught us.

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Visit Home Often

Rihanna hails from the beautiful island of Barbados, and whenever this girl gets a chance, she goes home. Her family is there, her childhood was there, and she never fails to remind the world of how important home is to her. She even bought her mom a house a little while ago! One of the most important lessons Rihanna has taught us, is that no matter how hectic and crazy life can get, home is where the heart is.


Live Your Life for Yourself

When I heard Rihanna was back with Chris Brown after what he’d originally done to her, I was stunned. But like all things she stands for, one of the lessons Rihanna has taught us, especially in that moment, is that you need to live your life for yourself. Many people judged her, many people probably lost respect for her, in fact rumors ever swirled that her BFF Katy Perry stopped talking to her for a while. But what we all have to remember is that no one else is living RiRi’s life. She got back together with him for her own reasons, and she didn’t feel the need to justify that to anyone else. That’s being independent and living according to your own rules.


You Are Never above Anyone else

She did an interview with Oprah a little while ago, where she was so incredibly open and candid about her fame. When Oprah asked her what she wanted her fans to know, she said something that was quite simple – she wanted her fans to know that she was their peer. Not above them in any way, but just one of them, that she’s going through the same things that they were going through. Yes she’s in the spotlight, yes she has millions of dollars and an adoring fan base, she also happens to be super gorgeous, but at the end of the day, she’s human. she's just like we are, and she’s very quick to let us know that she recognizes this. Of all the lessons Rihanna has taught us, this is probably one that we should all remember in our day-to-day lives.


Fake It ‘Til You Make It

We all know Rihanna is hyper-gorgeous, she probably knows it too, but she’s said time and time again that she felt uncomfortable with her own image and sexuality for a long time. The only was she knew how to keep going with this was to fake it, and one day it would come. This isn’t just something to keep in mind with it comes to your physical image, but every other facet of your life as well. Of all the lessons Rihanna has taught us, this is probably one of the biggest things we can learn. If you haven’t gotten to your dream job yet, just keep going in that field, and one day you’ll make it there. Go get it girls!


Mix High Fashion and Street Style

One of the best lessons Rihanna has taught us is in the realm of fashion. This girl is a bona fide fashion powerhouse, and she’s almost single-handedly defined a sense of style that the world over is inspired by. If you take a look at any candid shot of her, you’ll see her with a varsity jacket and stiletto heels, a Chanel bag then a simple t-shirt from H&M. Mix it up, and do it the way you want!


Work Hard, Play Hard

Rihanna always has a song on the radio. Always. Then you look at her videos and pictures and you get the impression that she has one of the coolest lifestyles ever, and she probably does! But here’s one of the most important lessons Rihanna has taught us: you need to work hard before you can play hard. Overnight successes are actually usually the result of many, many years of hard work. To get to the life you want, you need to put in the time and effort to earn that life. Rihanna’s earned the life she’s living now, so go out and start earning yours!


Let Loose and Have Fun

This is probably my favourite on the list of lessons Rihanna has taught us! This girl knows how to just let loose, and have a grand ol’ time! She’s been through a fair share of ups and downs in her life, not just with relationships, but also with her family, herself, her friends, her career, yet she never really lets it get her down. She deals with it the best way she can, and she continues to move on and celebrate with a few shots along the way! That’s the best way to go in life, because you know what they say: don’t take life too seriously, or you’ll never get out alive.

There you have it, life lessons from a worldwide phenomenon. What I’ve always loved about Rihanna is how real she is, and that’s what makes lessons so relatable, because she’s going through the highs and lows of life just like we are! So tell me, what lessons has Rihanna taught you?

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i love rihanna !

Love her 😍

Love the article! And she also has a live life to fullest eff everyone else!

Apart from her music, this is what navys really love about her 😍

Really? She got the beat up by her ex and went back to him, that's not being a role model, that's being weak.

What about the lesson to allow yourself to be treated like crap? Go back to the one that hits you?

She shouldn't have gotten back with someone who did that to her!! He is capable of doing it again!! If he hits you once, he should be out!! No one needs to be treated like that!!!!

Rihanna will always be my inspiration.

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