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Meet a Few of the Glam Girls of the Soccer World Cup ...

By Jennifer

They're superstars because of their on point soccer skills, but they're also admired because of their good looks and general charm, everything we aspire to be and then some. Who are these paragons of athleticism, beauty, and grace? Let's meet a few of the glam girls of the Soccer World Cup.

Table of contents:

  1. Alex morgan, usa
  2. Toni duggan, england
  3. Anouk hoogendijk, the netherlands
  4. Lydia nayeli rangel, mexico
  5. Lauren sesselmann, canada
  6. Julia simic, germany
  7. Laure boulleau, france
  8. Sarah bouhaddi, france
  9. Gaëtane thiney, france
  10. Kasovare asllani (sweden)

1 Alex Morgan, USA

2 Toni Duggan, England

3 ANOUK HOOGENDIJK, the Netherlands

4 Lydia Nayeli Rangel, Mexico


6 Julia Simic, Germany

7 Laure Boulleau, France

8 Sarah Bouhaddi, France

9 Gaëtane Thiney, France


Side note: wow, it was so much easier to find photos of these elite athletes in their swimsuits than in their soccer gear! Now on to an article with the male hotties in footie...

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