7 Most Popular Celebrity Hair Colors of 2012 ...


7 Most Popular Celebrity Hair Colors of 2012 ...
7 Most Popular Celebrity Hair Colors of 2012 ...

Celebrity hair colors 2012 have been everything from hot pink all the way to deep and dark purple haven't they? Celebs this year have been off the wall and I've got to say, this list of the top 7 celebrity hair colors 2012 is all about the wild, crazy and odd colors that the celebs have picked! With that said, let's take a look at the most popular celebrity hair color 2012 choices that our celebs have picked!

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Bright Pink

Bright Pink Bright pink, baby pink and hot pink have been all of the rage this year! Everyone of Katy Perry to Lady Gaga has picked up some type of pink hair throughout the end of last year and this year. Personally, I love this celebrity hair color 2012! It's so pretty and I hope it continues!


White Blonde/Black

White Blonde/Black Lady Gaga set the bar on this one and while originally, I thought that it might look a little like a skunk, this look is actually pretty hot! The white blonde/black look is opposite, totally attractive and that Judas video was pretty sweet. So ladies, what do you think of this celebrity hair color 2012?


Vivid Blue

Vivid Blue Katy Perry set the bar on this one, but Lady Gaga also picked this one up too. I love the blue locks, I love the haircut and I think that this is one celebrity hair color 2012 that should stick around. Do you agree girls?


Gray Hair

Gray Hair Oh Kelly Osborne, I don't understand why this celebrity hair color 2012 is still around. Kelly has aged herself with this hair color and personally, I think that it looks horrible. What do you ladies think? Do you agree that it looks bad?


Bright Red

Bright Red Rhianna is the one that has the token bright and brilliant red strands, even though she has ditched the red now, it still lives on! I love this color. Red is by far my favorite hair color and this fire engine red color is absolutely beautiful. I really hope this celebrity hair color 2012 stays forever!


Canary Yellow/Orange

Canary Yellow/Orange This is another Lady Gaga trend and I gotta say, it actually looks pretty good on her! The orangish yellow is bright, it's very fall and it actually brings out the coloring she has. If you are looking to switch up your hair color a bit, why not try this celebrity hair color 2012?


Dark Purple

Dark Purple Finally, the last color that we're going to talk about is the dark purple bluish color that little Katy Perry has been rocking! This color is absolutely brilliant. I love the beauty of it and it's a celebrity hair color 2012 that she has coined for sure!

There you have it ladies, the top 7 celebrity hair colors 2012 that I absolutely love! Do you agree with them? What are your thoughts on the celebrity hair colors 2012? Share your opinions!

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My girlfriend recently got her hair dyed a bright red. It's sexy.

I think all of them were pretty darn amazing!

i love kellys hair! and it was lilac (that faded)

I actually like the grey ; the other colours are like easter eggs

In June I did the hot pink because I thought it'd be fun, I had a blast with it. Last month I dyed my hair a awesome shade of blue that was also green in some lights. Both colors were a huge success!

love em' all except gray hair

I went from bright red to the blue to grey to white ;)

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