9 of My Favorite Audrey Hepburn Quotes ...


9 of My Favorite Audrey Hepburn Quotes ...
9 of My Favorite Audrey Hepburn Quotes ...

If you ever need encouragement, inspiration or words to brighten your outlook on life, read a few Audrey Hepburn quotes. She was definitely a wise and classy woman, who shared her amazingness with the world! Here are 9 of my favorite Audrey Hepburn quotes!

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"for Beautiful Eyes, Look for the Good in Others; for Beautiful Lips, Speak Only Words of Kindness; and for Poise, Walk with the Knowledge That You Are Never Alone."

This is one of the best Audrey Hepburn quotes. There are beauty tips that teach you how to put on eyeliner, and how to exfoliate, but the beauty tips in this quote are useful for inner beauty, and it means nothing in life if you look great on the outside, but ugly on the inside. Being kind and caring is the best way to be beautiful!


"Your Heart Just Breaks, That’s All. but You Can’t Judge or Point Fingers. You Just Have to Be Lucky Enough to Find Someone Who Appreciates You."

It’s easy to blame someone else for your sorrow, but it’s not the best way to get over what you’re going through. Judging and pointing fingers only stirs up hate and bitterness. I love this quote because when things are rough, it reminds me to let go, and look toward the future.


"There is More to Sex Appeal than Just Measurements. I Don’t Need a Bedroom to Prove My Womanliness. I Can Convey Just as Much Sex Appeal, Picking Apples off a Tree or Standing in the Rain."

Amen to that! This quote should be put in a handbook and given to every girl when they’re born! It’s unfortunate that now-a-days many women think it’s NECESSARY to alter their body parts or wear clothes that only cover a few inches of their bodies to get a man’s attention. While it’s not everyone, I think there are way too many women who believe that in order to be considered sexy, they have to show or give up their "goodies." This quote is a reminder that there are other ways to be completely irresistible!


"It is Too Much to Hope That I Shall Keep up My Success. I Don't Ask for That. All I Shall do is My Best - and Hope."

I love these words. I think it means to appreciate what you have, and strive to be the best you can be for you, rather than for the materials that come with being great at something.


"Nothing is Impossible, the Word Itself Says 'I'm Possible'!"

My Twitter followers are probably sick of this quote, because I tweet it a couple of times a month. This quote is such a great motivator, especially when you feel like you can’t do something. It helps me stay positive when things aren’t looking up.


"Not to Live for the Day, That Would Be Materialistic -- but to Treasure the Day. I Realize That Most of Us Live on the Skin -- on the Surface -- without Appreciating Just How Wonderful It is Simply to Be Alive at All."

Life is a gift, and this Audrey Hepburn quote reminds me to slow down, and take a few minutes to reflect on how fortunate I am to be alive with a wonderful family, and friends who care.


"Opportunities Don't Often Come along. so, when They do, You Have to Grab Them."

I need to keep this quote in mind all of the time, especially when I’m at department stores! I went to Kohl’s to find a warm jacket for the Fall, and I found it! It was the cutest black jacket with a super soft inside, but I thought, "Ehh… maybe I should wait. It’s not that cold out yet." I waited four days! Only four! And I when I got there, they were sold out, and I couldn’t find another like it. Take the opportunity when it comes, because whether it’s a job, a guy, or a cute black jacket, if you don’t grab it now, it may not be there when you go back to get it.


"You Can Always Tell What Kind of a Person a Man Really Thinks You Are by the Earrings He Gives You."

This is so true, and it doesn’t only apply to earrings! There are always a few exceptions, but for the most part when a guy gives you a gift, it reflects how he thinks of you. There’s a big difference between bubble gum machine jewelry, and his great-grandmother’s necklace. Keep this in mind on the next gift-giving holiday!


"Why Change? Everyone Has His Own Style. when You Have Found It, You Should Stick to It."

This is a great Audrey Hepburn quote, because I love how it basically says that being who you are is just fine. It’s great to have a role model, but don’t try to be a clone of anyone else. Embrace who you are, and love your own style!

I love every one of these Audrey Hepburn quotes, because they’re all encouraging and positive! What are your favorite Audrey Hepburn quotes?

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ily Audrey hepburn

Love Audrey! Why do we have to mention Beyoncé though?

That first one is actually from a poem called "Time Tested Beauty Tips" written by Sam Lavenson. It was one of Audrey's favorites and she read it to her children, but she didn't write it.

Love her...

Omg I love that first one thanks so. Much

For sharinf

Audrey is my all time fave actress. She's so sophisticated and strong.

These are so uplifting :)

1,3 and 8 are my most favourite.

Though I don't prefer her as an artist or role model Beyonce definitely looked best

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