7 of the Best Jennifer Lawrence Quotes to Make Us Love Her Even More ...


7 of the Best Jennifer Lawrence Quotes to Make Us Love Her Even More ...
7 of the Best Jennifer Lawrence Quotes to Make Us Love Her Even More ...

We all love Jennifer Lawrence already and the best Jennifer Lawrence quotes will make you love her even more. She is down to earth, hilarious, and borderline crazy. You may love her for her fashion, her movies, or her personality. But regardless of what you love her for, you will love her even more after you hear these best Jennifer Lawrence quotes.

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“I’d Rather Look Chubby on Screen and like a Person in Real Life.”

J-Law is hilarious and the first of the best Jennifer Lawrence quotes is the reason I love her so much. There has been so much controversy around her weight, and I love that she doesn’t care. She would rather eat and enjoy life than starve herself to please others. That is the kind of body role model we need in Hollywood.


“if I Don’t Have Anything to do All Day, I Might Not Even Put My Pants on.”

Thank you, Jennifer, for saying what we are all thinking. She doesn’t go along with the glamorous life of Hollywood that requires the glitz and partying. She is more about being lazy at home, which I am all about.


“Why Would I Ever Get Cocky? I’m Not Saving Anybody’s Life. There Are Doctors Who save Lives and Firemen Who Run into Burning Buildings. I’m Making Movies.”

So many celebrities say they remain grounded by being with their families and doing humanitarian work. Jennifer Lawrence thinks that is a stupid question to begin with. She understands that being an actress does not make her a superhero. It is a passion of hers and she would never think that it would be a reason to think she is better than anybody else.


“I’m the Fastest Pee-er Ever. I’m Famous for It.”

There is no real meaning behind this quote. I just love it. What other celebrity could talk about peeing so often and everyone still wants to listen to her? I love how Jennifer Lawrence thinks she is more famous for her peeing ability than her incredible acting skills.


“I Never Play Characters That Are like Me Because I’m a Boring Person. I Wouldn’t Want to See Me in a Movie.”

When most celebrities pick roles it is because of the character. For Jennifer, it is because she thinks she is boring. This just shows that Jennifer Lawrence is hilarious and down to earth. Who other celebrity would take such a straightforward approach when asked why she chooses her roles?


“I like the Financial Security Because I Know How Hard It is for so Many People Who Struggle to Earn a Living. I Am Grateful I Don’t Have to Worry about Money.”

Finally! A celebrity who actual mentions the financial perks of being an actress. Most of them just say they are grateful for the opportunities, but Jennifer actually acknowledges how fortunate she is. She knows that her job has afforded her such financial freedom.


“Anyone Who Makes Fun of Me for Falling, I’m Just Gonna Go, ‘Yeah, and then I Got Touched by Hugh Jackman.”

She gets star struck by other celebrities just like we do. And she is not afraid to throw it in other people's faces when they make fun of her. Wouldn’t we all like to brag about being touched by Hugh Jackman?

Jennifer Lawrence is beautiful and incredibly talented, but her personality makes her even more incredible. She is not afraid to make funny comments during interviews and just likes to be herself. Did you like these best Jennifer Lawrence quotes? What are some other hilarious quotes from J-Law? Do you think Jennifer Lawrence is hilarious or overrated?

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You can't call her J-Law... Jude Law already has that and it is far more fitting for him!


Was my comment taken down? Good Lord.

I love these quotes !

She's got it...and she gets it...terrific role model


A Hottie, no doubt!!

shes literally amazing ? has such amazing quotes.

Oh Jenlaw!! I love you! You're fabulous! Ok, now I love you more than everrr !!

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