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7 Quotes from Miley That Actually Make Sense ...

By Leeann

You know, there are quotes from Miley that actually make a ton of sense. I’m a proud Miley supporter, because through it all, I still believe that she has a good head on her shoulders. Every now and again, she’ll say something that really makes you stop and go – hey, that’s so true. So here are 7 quotes from Miley that actually make sense! (Surprise!)

1 Bob Marley?

Bob Marley?The reason I think this is one of the best quotes from Miley is simply because it’s so true. When you’re in your 20s, everything seems like it might be the end of the world, but it's not. She takes a cue from Bob Marley - and they're both right! Every little thing's gonna be alright!

2 Who Are You?

Who Are You?Now take a cue from Miley, who’s clearly had her fair share of haters. Don’t spend your time worrying about those people; they’re only going to bring you down. Whether they intentionally mean to or not, you don’t need those kinds of voices in your head. So like they say, haters gonna hate. Just do your thing, and be the person you want to be, the person you know you are.

3 On Mistakes

On MistakesShe nails this one right on the head, doesn't she? Mistakes aren't that bad, as long as you're learning from them. And if it takes you a while, that's fine, too. The bottom line is, it's your life, your mistakes - and your learning experience.

4 Smiles

SmilesThis couldn’t be more true! Is there anything better than making the people you love smile or laugh? I love that feeling, and apparently, so does Miley! Something you have in common with her - yay!

5 Strength

StrengthMiley has gone through quite a bit in her young years, so I imagine she’s gotten pretty good at being able to learn from her mistakes and taking her criticisms in stride, and to draw strength from her faith. If you're a person of faith, then I'll bet you can relate! The saying is that God never gives you more than He knows you can handle, and I think that's what Miley's talking about here.

6 Be Yourself

Be YourselfIt’s not easy being a pop star, especially in the notorious dog-eat-dog world of Hollywood. If you’re going to take career advice from anyone, why not take it from Miley? She’s taken her career to new heights, and clearly it’s worked for her. Just remember to be yourself - and anyway, everyone else is already taken!

7 Memories

MemoriesIt's nice to reminisce, but take Miley's advice and don't dwell in the past. Look forward to the future, because sweetie, it's going to be bright!

Who knew Miss Miley had such valuable lessons to teach us? She reminds us all that she’s real, just like the rest of us! Most importantly though, what I love about Miley, and why I continue to support her is because she tells it like it is, and she doesn’t feel the need to be fake, because she’ll say what she feels. And for a girl who has had one of the most successful transitions from child star to the mainstream market, I think she’s doing pretty good! So tell me, what little nuggets of wisdom have you learned from her?

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