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We’re going to commemorate the loss of one of America’s great ladies with some quotes from Joan Rivers. Joan Rivers passed away September 5th 2014. A comedian and TV host, she was known for her razor-like cutting wit and acidic tongue, someone who rarely held back. Since 1965, when she got her break on The Tonight Show, she has been making us laugh and sometimes, well more than sometimes really, she's shocked us too. She eased the way for female comedians that followed and many of today's crop, including Ellen, Lena Dunham and Sarah Silverman, have commented on the impact of Joan's comedy and how much they admired her. Let's pay tribute with a few quotes from Joan Rivers and remember her contribution to comedy.

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Success Among all the quotes from Joan Rivers, I don’t think anything could summarize her more. Her trademark was speaking her mind. It polarized opinion of her. Those who loved her agreed with this sentiment totally. Those who didn’t feel some things are best left unsaid, or put rather more subtly. US talk show host David Letterman said that Joan Rivers would “ … say some things that were unbelievable. But it was hilarious… the force of her comedy was overpowering."


The Present

The Present When Joan put her sharp mind to the realities of life, she was eloquent and on point. She also said, "I enjoy life when things are happening. I don't care if it's good things or bad things. That means you're alive." I say, live life ladies - the good and bad - you've only got one shot at it.



Exercise In more recent years, the original quote has been foreshortened to the above. The original was actually a response to the question of exercise and was, “I don’t exercise. If god had wanted us to bend over he’d have put diamonds on the floor.” For someone for whom looking good was a way of life, this is quite an extraordinary statement.



Life This is my favorite of all the Joan Rivers quotes I enjoyed while compiling this tribute. It's important to remember the power of laughter and how it can carry you through, even in the toughest times.


Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Unlike many celebrities who deny or try to hide that they have had cosmetic surgery, Ms. Rivers was totally open about it. She even joked, “I wish I had a twin, so I could know what I'd look like without plastic surgery.” Her view on plastic surgery was very pragmatic, stating her opinion as, “If you can fix it, fix it! If it makes you happier.” It seems like one of the joys of Joan’s later life was cosmetic surgery!



Beauty This is so true. We look to quotes such as "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," yet the media forces on us the idea that there is a concept of true beauty and proceeds to try to dictate what that beauty is. Joan reminds us that we can search for the ideal but it's elusive and will never be caught. Be your own beauty!



Money One of the oldest sayings is that “money can’t buy happiness.” Those who have money or lust after it often look for answers to this saying to justify the pursuit of riches. I think there are many people who nowadays follow this thought. Money may not buy happiness but it can certainly make life easier AND happier.

There's no denying Joan Rivers made an impact; acerbic, controversial, sometimes just downright rude, but a great wit and a funny lady. RIP. Joan Rivers 1933 - 2014.

Do you have any favorite Joan Rivers quotes or one-liners that stuck with you?

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I never liked Joan Rivers. like people have said, i found her very rude and never funny at all. that said, still such a sad thing that no one was expecting her to die, it just happened so quickly. i feel for her family/friends. again so sad. RIP Joan

I do feel bad about her family and all those who cared immensely about her. However, her jokes were never funny and were almost always rude.

Funny or rude, she made an honest living out of it! Some of us think these things but don't have the guts to say them!

Even if you disliked her or lived, you must admit she made an impact in the comedy world and was absolute genius at her work. She's just one if those people you never expect to die. All the love to her family.

How did she die?

Such a bright light and charismatic soul, she will definitely be missed...

She was extremely rude and inconsiderate. She should have never been on tv...

She spoke what people thought. Our great USA has a variety of people all contributing something. Rip J

I feel for her family but I never really cared for me. I always thought she was outright rude. Never found her funny, just too rude.

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