Original Pink Power Ranger Amy Jo Johnson Suited up for a Street Performance ...


Amy Jo Johnson (a.k.a. the woman behind Pink Ranger) recently accepted a friendly challenge from Power Rangers cast member David Yost (a.k.a. Blue Ranger)! While trying to raise money for her upcoming film "The Space Between," David suggested a more creative way to do so.

"As your friend, I've got a challenge for you," he said in a YouTube video. "I challenge you to go out in a large public space. I challenge you to take your guitar and I challenge you to sing. But the catch is, you have to be dressed up as a pink Power Ranger. Doesn't that sound fun? I think it sounds amazing." You're right, David, that is nothing short of amazing. Watch his challenge right here and Amy Jo's response to it:

So, Pink Ranger herself busked on the streets of Toronto, full Ranger costume and all! She rose to the occasion and even beat her 11/15 deadline! Here are some photos she shared on her Instagram (@atothedoublej):
She captioned the photo, "Just woke and realized this wasn't a strange dream I had," she shared on Instagram after the performance. "Thank you Mark Levy for the photo! And @xkisskisskillx for the suit! Omg! So much stinking fun! All for the love of The Space Between!" If you want to donate to Amy's movie, it's not too late! You can do so on indiegogo.com.

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When was this? I live downtown Toronto and missed her :(

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