5 Brilliant 💡 Quotes from Marilyn Monroe ⭐️ about Life 🌍 ...


Quotes from Marilyn Monroe should be a part of any girl's life. We can all take some useful advice from Marilyn. Being the elegant, sassy, wise and witty woman she was, she definitely had some good quotes in her lifetime.

1. “Fear is Stupid. so Are Regrets.”

Here's one of my favorite quotes from Marilyn Monore. Have you ever felt like you were missing out on something great because of a certain fear? Or the fear was holding you back from making your dreams come true? Then let that fear go. Realize that the fear is all in your mind. You made it up. Let yourself free from it. You are strong and deserve much more. Speaking of letting go, never regret something that you’ve already done. It is gone. You can't take it back and you can't change it. Take it easy and move on.

“if It Doesn’t Fit, It’s Ugly Anyway.”
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