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Last month, Marlee Matlin visited and spoke at my university and I was so inspired, I wanted to share what I think are the reasons to admire Marlee Matlin. Marlee Matlin is a fantastic actress who happens to be deaf. Everything she talked about that night moved me, and reinforced how much I love her! She’s a strong, classy, and humorous woman who has so much to admire about her life. Here’s my list of 7 reasons to admire Marlee Matlin!

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She’s Beautiful

Among the reasons to admire Marlee Matlin, her beauty is one of them! Marlee is a 47-year-old fox! She looks fit, her smile is beaming, and she has this elegance about her that you can’t help but to admire!


She’s Driven

When she was young she wanted to be an actress. Despite how many people said that she couldn’t do it, despite the critics, despite the people who didn’t support her, she held on to her dream and became a multiple award winning actress and the only deaf performer to win the Academy Award for Best Actress in a leading role!


She’s a Great Actress

People are quick to assume that individuals who are deaf can’t do things as well as people who are hearing, but that’s the biggest misconception ever! Marlee Matlin is a better actress than many actresses out there! I won’t name names for the sake of people’s feelings. I haven’t seen all of her movies, but in the ones I have seen, Marlee Matlin’s acting was nothing short of outstanding; and her role in Switched at Birth is amazing! If you haven’t seen the ABC Family original series, Switched at Birth, you’re so missing out! I watch that show religiously! Technically, Marlee’s a guest star, but she’s such an important guest star, I say that she’s starring!


She’s Hilarious

Marlee Matlin has an amazing sense of humor! When she came to my school, she talked about how Seth MacFarlane made fun of her on Family Guy. Any other actress would probably be offended by jokes of themselves on Family Guy, but not Marlee Matlin! She laughed about it! Do you know, she called Seth MacFarlane himself and requested to be part of the fun!? I mean… the jokes are about her, so why not!


She’s Patient

There are so many ignorant people in the world. Some are ignorant because they just haven’t gotten the opportunity to be exposed to different cultures, and others are ignorant because they don’t care to be exposed. Marlee Matlin has come across so many people who are intolerant and sometimes intentionally disrespectful, but through it all, she’s kept her cool. At least to the point where there hasn’t been anything on the news about her assaulting anyone! Good communication is vital for positive encounters, and if people aren’t willing to try to move around race, location, socioeconomic status or even a language barrier, it’s difficult to stay patient with them. Many hearing celebrities don’t even keep their cool in rough times, so Marlee Matlin’s admirable patience isn’t because she’s deaf, it’s because she has a wonderful character.


She’s Domestic

Marlee Matlin has a husband and 4 beautiful kids at home. You don’t see a lot of actresses who include their families in much, but I’ve seen little Brandon, Tyler, Sara, and Isabelle on the red carpet on more than one occasion! Who says you can’t be a full time actress, mother, and wife?


She’s Deaf

Growing up in an environment that constantly attempts to be inclusive, I’ve gotten the idea that differences don’t matter, but I think they do. I don’t believe in discrimination, or preferring some people to others based on anything other than their character; however, differences make us who we are. We should celebrate our differences, share our experiences, and learn from each other! Because Marlee Matlin is a mother, wife and successful actress who’s deaf, she has a world of unique experiences, thoughts, and wisdom to share that no one else could.

I loved that I was able to see Marlee Matlin when she visited my area. I don’t want to sound cliché, but I honestly believe that hearing her speech inspired me to be a better student, a better person, and a better me. What do you like about Marlee Matiln? Share your thoughts!

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I love this woman! :)

I just started watching switched at birth. I love her she's amazing!

Marquitta - I too attend CMU. I didn't have the opportunity to go to this event, but thanks for the fill in. Awesome piece, incredible lady!

Love her on law and order SVU!

Wonderful article! I love Marlee, especially in Switched at Birth and her recurring guest star role on Law and Order SVU. She truly is an inspiration!

Inspiration. Autocorrect. *

I loved her in The L Word!!!

She is and inspiratio!:)

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