7 Reasons to Love Jennifer Lopez Even Now ...


I’ve followed her career since she stole my heart in Selena, and as the years go by, I have more and more reasons to love Jennifer Lopez. It isn’t easy, but JLo will always find a way to be relevant. Many believed her career was over years ago, but she’s stronger and better than ever. I have many reasons to love Jennifer Lopez, but I’ll kick it off with one of the things that really draws me to her.

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She’s Likeable

Despite rumors of diva behavior, I think Jennifer is well-liked by other Hollywood A-listers, perhaps even somewhat envied. From everything I can see, when Jennifer shows up for work, she works. Whether she’s judging on Idol or performing on tour, she gives 100%, and those are solid reasons to love Jennifer Lopez. Another thing that is likeable about her is she’s very comfortable doing her own thing. You won’t see her sitting there fussing with her hair; she gives whatever she is doing her full attention.


She’s Gorgeous

People magazine named Jennifer Lopez the World’s Most Beautiful Woman in 2011, and c’mon, she still is! She looks incredible with her hair flowing freely, or in a severe top-knot. It doesn’t matter if she’s rocking light eye makeup and red lipstick, or smoky eyes and a nude lip. The woman doesn’t have a bad side. She’s just breathtakingly photogenic.


She’s Interesting

Romances with Puff Daddy and Ben Affleck pushed Jennifer headlong into the limelight. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, she married Marc Anthony. To keep it exciting, Jennifer had twins – of course! Since announcing the break-up of their marriage, Jennifer has once again caught our attention for being in a very public romance with 27-year-old dancer-choreographer Caspar Smart.


She’s Fit

Jennifer had her twins in February of 2008, when she was 38, and just a scant seven months later, she completed a triathlon. Now in her mid-40s, she looks so good it’s depressing! Just kidding. The singer-actress-model engages in resistance training, running, squats and lunges, and most important, changing the exercise sequence every so often to ensure maximum benefit and reduce boredom.


She’s Ambitious

I think she is a role model for what you can accomplish when you really want something. American Idol was huge in giving Jennifer’s career a big push and she took total advantage of the exposure. Now, she is well-known for her celebrity endorsements of L’Oreal Paris, Gillette’s Venus razor, Fiat, her clothing line at Kohl’s and of course her many celebrity fragrances.


She’s a Fashionista

It all started with the infamous green Versace dress, open to just below her navel, that she wore to the 42nd Grammy Awards. As a judge on American Idol, females are tuning in, eager to see what stunning outfit JLo will rock that night. She seems to favor short dresses that show off her great legs!


She’s a True Performer

Jennifer owns the stage. She’s so mesmerizing, so sexy, and so vivacious, that it’s impossible to take your eyes off her. Dancing in stilettos and making it look easy! Thrashing her hair around, it’s a wonder she doesn’t get whip lash! Jennifer can give a master class on what to do when you’re performing.

Call her Teflon Jen, because any hint of scandal, bad behavior, failed marriages, or bad box office, just doesn’t stick to this incredible gal. Jennifer is a polarizing figure, so let’s hear from those that love her and those that say: not so much. All I can say is I Luh Yuh Jenny!

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she gorgeous,natural and got talent not like kim Kardashian that is famous for nothing

She is perfect! The only way you could genuinely dislike her is if your extremely jealous! Love her, ughhhh!

I can't believe that she is in her forties.... yet soooooo gorgeous❤️❤️❤️ I love you!😋😋😋

totaly agree!

I love everything she does, this women is talented in every way! 😃

JLO is everything, who can find in a woman, she's got the spark. I love her

her personality is so bubbly 😊

I don't really think the fact that "she's fit" is a reason to love her

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