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There are so many fantastic reasons to love Charli XCX. She's been in the music scene for quite some time but she's just now getting the exposure she deserves! She's got the talent, cool style, and the fan base to take her to the top. Check out some of the reasons to love Charli XCX and then let me know why YOU love her!

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Social Media Accounts

If you follow Charli on Twitter (@charli_xcx), you know just how witty she is. She's constantly tweeting silly things and posting fun photos online. Recently, she tweeted, "Is 'yolo' still a thing?" LOL! Her social media accounts are just some of many reasons to love Charli XCX.


Iggy Collab

Even though Charli's been around the music scene for years already, her collab with Iggy Azalea on their hit song, 'Fancy,' catapulted her into pop stardom. The song hit #1 on the iTunes charts and stayed there for weeks after weeks.


'tfios' Soundtrack

If you downloaded The Fault in Our Stars' soundtrack, then you already know just how catchy it is! I couldn't get if off of repeat for days. Charli's song 'Boom Clap' is my favorite! It's such a feel-good song that you just can't help but sing (scream) along to the lyrics every time it's on. Whenever I hear it in the movie's trailer, it makes me smile!


Hilary Duff Collab

Charli's admitted that her dream collab would be with Hilary Duff. (Who doesn't have the same dreams?!) Well, turns out that Hilary recently asked Charli to write for her! Charli offered her her song 'Boom Clap,' but Hilary didn't take it. It ended up being great for Charli though, since she got it on the soundtrack for The Fault in Our Stars! I'm sure she'll get the opportunity to work/write with Hilary again and have her dream come true.


Her Sense of Style

There's no doubt that Charli is a serious fashionista. She always looks incredible on and off the stage. She's got her signature leather boots and her long black hair - making her look like a total badass every time she hits the stage. I love that she has the whole 'rocker chic' thing going on but she'll still add girly touches, like some heart shaped sunglasses!


She Opened up for Marina & the Diamonds

If you haven't heard of Marina & The Diamonds, what exactly have you been doing with your time?! Marina's music is amazing and the two singers get along really well! Charli even opened for Marina during her last tour. I definitely suggest looking up Marina if you haven't heard of her already!


She Loves Her Fans

Charli is constantly thanking her fans for their endless support. She's always tweeting and retweeting fans on Twitter and making sure she keeps a close relationship with them all. She also makes sure to keep her fans updated on when/where she'll be performing. I actually had the chance to meet her in New York City and she was such a sweetheart!

Well, there you have it. These are just seven out of many awesome reasons to love pop star Charli XCX. Her loyal fan base has stuck with her through it all and she's constantly getting new fans every day. What's your favorite thing about Charli XCX?

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I'm sorry but how does asking if yolo is still a thing being witty?

or 'silly' whatever

I'm so fancy you already knooooow I'm in the best lanes,from la to Tokyo!

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