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If you're looking for a new site to obsess over, look no further than Blake Lively's lifestyle blog. It has everything you'd possibly want, from shopping ideas to home improvement and good eats. I love Blake and her personal style so I'm always looking through her site for inspiration! Check out some of the reasons why you should be reading Blake Lively's lifestyle blog.

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The Editor's Letter

On the homepage of PRESERVE, you'll find the editor's letter, written by Blake Lively. A part of it reads, "I'm hungry for experience. I'm comfortable with the knowledge that I'm not a teacher, but rather, a student. I don't do any one thing perfectly. I do a lot of things though. Some well, some not-so-well." That gives you a good idea what you can expect on the site. The editor's letter is just one of the many reasons why you should read Blake Lively's lifestyle blog.


Easy Shopping

PRESERVE really simplifies shopping. You can actually browse through and buy items straight from the site! The "ladies" section offers an array of awesome jewelry and tons of cool clothing from different designers. You can look at all the clothing and accessories right here: preserve.us.


Good Eats

PRESERVE is all about bringing you the best of the best. The "taste" section is one of my favorites! The site reads, "We aim to preserve the enduring traditions of meals, memories and merriment. Taste may be our favorite of the five senses. We are positively afire with passion for food and its origins." You can browse through everything, like an artisan salt collection, real dill pickles, bistro aprons, and more.


Mens Section

PRESERVE caters to everyone and that includes men! Whether you want to shop for your beau or you're looking to make HIM obsessed with the site, he'll love everything in the "gents" section!


Quirky Home Decor

Like the clothes and jewelry, PRESERVE lets you buy some pretty awesome home decor straight from the website. You can choose between metallic glasses, picnic baskets, birthday dishes, soy candles, and so much more. The site is full of things you didn't even know you wanted until you saw it.


The Idea behind It

The mission behind the blog is awesome. If you go on it, there's a whole section that talks a bit about the idea behind the whole thing. "PRESERVE is all of us, together, championing the goods, makers and legends that instill meaning inside the moments of our lives. The curios that cozy our homes, the threads that define our silhouettes, the foods that leave our bellies happy, the projects that mean everything to us—we want to share all of this with you." The blog is also very interactive, meaning you can contribute your ideas as well.


Blake Lively

One of the things I love most about this blog is just the fact that it's Blake's. I'm a huge fan of hers! I've always thought she had it all together - the looks, style, etc. With PRESERVE, you get to have a behind-the-scenes look at how she accomplishes it all. It's really cool and I love the fact that the content is updated daily.

Well, there you have it. These are just seven out of many awesome reasons why you should be reading Blake Lively's lifestyle blog. If you haven't checked it out yet, go here: preserve.us! What do you love most about the blog?

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