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7 Reasons Why Being Famous Isn't That Great ...

By Rotem

Everyone wants to be famous, but I’m going to tell you why being famous isn’t that great. Every young girl’s dream is to be like the singer on stage, the dancer in the video, or the model on the front page of the magazine. Here is why being famous isn’t that great as it is made out to be.

1 Pressure

The first reason why being famous isn’t that great is the pressure. Being famous puts a tremendous amount of pressure on you to be simply perfect. You can’t mess up, you have to be fit, and you can’t make mistakes. Many famous people have struggled themselves with extreme pressure to be perfect. This is why many Disney characters or other child stars end up the way they do (Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes). This is because they have all this pressure at a young age to be a role model that they almost lose their rights to be who they want to be.

2 Privacy

Another terrible aspect being famous comes with is losing almost all privacy. There are people watching you, talking about you, and writing about you every day. Almost everything you do will end up in the magazine or on TV. You cannot have private time with your family or friends without having endless pictures taken. This can take a toll on someone at some point.


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3 Rumors

One thing many famous people struggle with is the endless rumors being spread. The media tends to make many things up that are untrue in order to make money. Although publicity is good for famous people, no one likes to have untrue things being said about people. Many famous people like Kanye West, for example, go ballistic over the media misrepresenting a story or news. This can create a lot of anxiety and really take a toll on you.

4 Judgmental People

Another problem with being famous is constantly being in the public eye. You are on every magazine, every TV show, and every social network site being talked about and judged. It is incredibly scary to live life this way! Being afraid of making mistakes and being yourself simply because you will be judged by everyone is very scary. Some people go to the extremes to write threatening letters, throw things at you, or simply make hurtful comments.

5 Paparazzi

Some people dream of having paparazzi follow them around. But, think about them following you everywhere. Many famous people have paparazzi watching them and taking photos everywhere they go. It is hard to find any time for yourself or your family because they always know where you are. Having people outside of your house or blocking your car to take photos can eventually be terrifying.

6 Not a Normal Lifestyle

The worst thing about being famous is having a very different lifestyle. You don’t get to choose to be followed around one day and no one will know you or about you the next day. Once you are famous, you will always be the media or the paparazzi’s target. You are bound to this lifestyle and this can get very scary!

7 Always under the Spotlight

Being famous means always being under the spotlight. You are constantly watched, talked about, and judged. It is not easy being a perfect role model to others as everyone makes mistakes! Many celebrities have lost their way due to the pressure and lifestyle being famous brings. It can get truly brutal and stressful to deal with!

Those were my reasons as to why being famous isn’t that great! I hope this made you realize being famous isn’t perfect and helped you to appreciate the life you have. This doesn’t mean you cannot be someone and make a difference, because you can. What are some reasons you think being famous isn’t that great?

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