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7 Reasons Why Leonardo DiCaprio Deserves an Oscar ...

By Vanessa

There are just way too many reasons why Leonardo DiCaprio deserves an Oscar this year. First off, he's Leonardo DiCaprio. How has he NOT won an Oscar already?! Sigh. He's one of the most talented actors in the biz and it's about time he gets the recognition for it. He did win the Golden Globe for Best Actor this year, so fingers crossed that his winning streak goes on till the big award show in March! Here are my reasons as to why Leonardo DiCaprio deserves an Oscar.

1 It Feels like He's Already Won

Being the prestigious actor that he is, so many people are surprised to find out that Leo's never won an Academy Award, despite his multiple nominations. It feels like the more people talk about Leo and Oscars, the more it feels like he's already won. Does that make sense? I guess people just assume that he's won because he's so deserving of it. The internet's pretty much obsessed with it. This is just one of the reasons why Leonardo DiCaprio deserves an Oscar.

2 List of Movies That Should Have Won

Leo's got a long list of movies that should have snagged an Oscar award. This list includes "What's Eating Gilbert Grape," "The Aviator," "Blood Diamond" and his most recent nomination, "The Wolf of Wall Street." As many of Leo's fans know, he gets completely into character on set. His performance in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" was so fantastic that those that were new to the actor believed his condition was genuine. It takes a lot to lose yourself in a role like Leo does.


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3 His Fans Will Not Quit

When Leo found out about his Oscar nod, he made the statement, "'The Wolf of Wall Street’ has been a passion project of mine, and I found the role to be one of the most challenging and rewarding of my career. Congratulations to all of my fellow nominees and thank you to the Academy for this extraordinary recognition.” Although his statement was humbled, his fans were already exploding. Fans tweeted about "Losing all hope if Leo doesn't win an Oscar" and "throwing a fit if he doesn't win." Looks like Leo's fan base will not quit till the Academy gives this man an award!

4 He's More than Just a Pretty Face

Lots of critics think that Leo gets cast in movies to fill the seats with the teenage girls who swoon over him. As pretty as he is, you can't deny that the man has talent. He's nailed every role, and does justice to his characters. Being easy on the eyes is just a bonus for him.

5 The Wolf of Wall Street Rave Reviews

"The Wolf of Wall Street" seems to be like the only thing people are talking about nowadays. Yeah, it was that good. It was three hours long, which some people didn't like, but I had no problem with it. I never once looked down at my watch to see what time it was, the movie kept my attention the whole time. The cast is absolutely fantastic. They all deserve to walk away with Oscars.

6 He's Been Overlooked

Leonardo DiCaprio is a household name. So, why doesn't he have a hundred Oscars already?! The Academy has definitely overlooked Leo and a bunch of his projects throughout the years. One movie that I cannot get over is "The Great Gatsby." I mean, the fact that he wasn't nominated for it is beyond me. I loved that movie!

7 He's Here to Stay

No matter how many times Leo is snubbed by the Academy, he's not going anywhere. He's in it for the long haul, we all know that. I love that his projects just get more challenging, he becomes a better actor with each movie.

There you have it! These are just seven out of many reasons why Leonardo DiCaprio deserves that Oscar this year. Which movie do you think he should've won an Academy Award for?

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