7 Royals around the World Who Are Just as Amazing as Kate Middleton ...

It seems unfair that the Duchess of Cambridge is getting all of the attention when there are so many awesome royals around the world who are just as incredible as her. These royals have not only dedicated their lives to upholding their royal family name, but also have worked on charities, in fashion, and even become incredible researchers. These incredible royals around the world just feed my desire to be a princess even more.

1. Princess Charlene of Monaco

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Taking a page from Grace Kelly, Princess Charlene of Monaco is one of the most fabulous royals around the world. She was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in South Africa, giving her a sense of culture that few other royals are instilled with from birth. She also competed for South Africa as a swimmer in the 2000 Olympics. She has been married to the Prince of Monaco since 2011 and since then, has taken it upon herself to support the Princess Grace Foundation and become a style icon around the world.

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