8 Sexiest Badass Celebrity Hair Styles ...


8 Sexiest Badass Celebrity Hair Styles ...
8 Sexiest Badass Celebrity Hair Styles ...

Celebrity Hair Styles run the gamut from elegant to ordinary to downright crazy sexy. I love it when a celebrity is bold enough to buck convention and choose a hairstyle that, while out of the ordinary, is sexy partly because it's so unique. There are tons of crazy celebrity hair styles out there, but I've chosen the ones that really inspire. Love them or hate them, there's no way you can deny their originality. With that being said, check out the sexiest badass celebrity hair styles I could find!

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Lady Gaga's Aqua 'do

Lady Gaga's Aqua 'do Lady Gaga has had some of the most incredible celebrity hair styles you'll ever find, and any one of them could have gone on this list. However, it's her recent foray into aqua town that really got people talking. It was very … mermaid-esque, don't you think? And I really don't believe that was a coincidence.


Nicki Minaj's Sexy Rainbow Celebrity Hair Style

Nicki Minaj's Sexy Rainbow Celebrity Hair Style Nicki Minaj is well known for her wild hair styles as well. Of them all, however, I love this rainbow 'do the best. I think this girl is Rainbow Brite for the new millennium. She'll do whatever she can to pack every color of the rainbow into her wardrobe!


Gwen Stefani's Swirls

Gwen Stefani's Swirls Gwen is also a paragon of insane celebrity hair styles. She's gone through so many evolutions that it's hard to pick just the perfect look. However, I think this look combines elegance with cutting edge trendiness. That comes as no surprise – Gwen's always been good at that.


Pink – Every Celebrity Hair Style She's Ever Had

Pink – Every Celebrity Hair Style She's Ever Had I absolutely adore Pink, to the point where, I confess, I could not pick just one look. All her hairstyles are trendy, sexy, and crazy. She's just a sexy girl, you know? I mean – just look at her!


Rihanna's Modern Mohawk

Rihanna's Modern Mohawk Rihanna really sets the bar for sexy celebrity hair styles, and it seems like she can't go wrong. Whether it's short and shaved or long and fiery red, she looks gorgeous. I love the daring it took for her to crop the sides of her hair close, though. Her modern Mohawk really suited her face beautifully, and the highlights in her hair were a perfect complement to her gorgeous skin.


Kelly Osbourne's Glammy Goodness

Kelly Osbourne's Glammy Goodness Say what you will about Kelly Osbourne, but she's come a long way. The girl is drop dead gorgeous now, and knows how to work her curves. She knows how to work her hair, as well, but I always love it best when she gets a little old Hollywood, and rocks the pretty platinum look.


Jared Leto's Mohawk

Jared Leto's Mohawk Speaking of Mohawks … and hotness. Whether he's going dark, lightening things up a bit, or hiding some red in there, Jared Leto knows his way in the world of badass celebrity hair styles. Although I love him best when his hair is short, dark, and tousled – to show off those incredible eyes – his Mohawk days were seriously kick ass. And to go pink? Jared, you rebel, you!


Cassie Ventura's Side Swept Shave

Cassie Ventura's Side Swept Shave Cassie Ventura knows what it means to have a shaved head, too. The daring move worked for her though. As you can see, even with half her head shaved close, she knows how to keep things feminine and sexy!

Celebrity hair styles get ever more flamboyant, but honestly, you have to give a lot of them props. They know what it takes to stay in the public eye. Of course, for every crazy sexy celebrity hair style, there's also one that's just plain crazy. Here's what I want to know from y'all! What celebrity hair style do you think was just the biggest mistake ever?

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1. I love lady gaga, but her hair sometimes! 2. One I'm considering myself! 3. love the look, but not on myself 4. I agree! 5. Yes, so sexy! 6. Not my top pick, but ok. 7. Epic! 8. Luv it! Great post!

- Great shot, Kacy! Love the balance bweeetn muted/subtle and vivid colors she really jumps out of the background (i.e. skin tone, eyes, fingernails).

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