She's Got Sass to Spare Let's Steal Some of Rebel Wilson's Style ...


Who doesn't love Rebel Wilson, both in Pitch Perfect 2 and in real life? She's smart, sexy, funny, and she's got style to spare.

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Red & Pink Dress

Red & Pink Dress


Sheer & Sexy

Sheer & Sexy


Striped Sleeves

Striped Sleeves Source: Are You Ready for Rebel


Red with Trellis Neckline

Red with Trellis Neckline



Blue Source: Pictures & Photos of Rebel


Victoria's Secret Angel

Victoria's Secret Angel Source: Rebel Wilson Explains Why We
Okay, maybe this isn't a look we can steal, but it's definitely nice to see an Angel with a more realistic body type.


Black & White, with Pink Heels

Black & White, with Pink Heels Source: Rebel Wilson’s Fall Fashion Favorites


With Brittany & Anna

With Brittany & Anna Source: Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson, and


Ravishing in Red - Again!

Ravishing in Red - Again! Source: 10 Reasons Why Rebel Wilson


Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink


Polka Dot Top

Polka Dot Top Source: Rebel Wilson looks stunning in


Glitter & Glam

Glitter & Glam Source: Home | Daily Mail Online


Sleek Pony

Sleek Pony Source: Rebel Wilson Was Totally Dissed


Classic Wrap Dress

Classic Wrap Dress Source: Search "rebel wilson fall fashion


Kitty Sweater & Plaid Pants

Kitty Sweater & Plaid Pants Source: Why Hollywood loves a fat
I want that kitty sweater! So cute!


Rocking a Cape!

Rocking a Cape! Source: Slideshow: PHOTOS: The Craziest, Sexiest


Airport Style with Zippered Jeans

Airport Style with Zippered Jeans


Fun Color!

Fun Color! Source: Rebel Wilson Tells Us Her


Red... Maybe It's Her Signature Color?

Red... Maybe It's Her Signature Color? Source:


Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress Source: Entertainment Weekly's


Gorgeous in Green

Gorgeous in Green


Ribbons of Color

Ribbons of Color


Black Printed Dress

Black Printed Dress


Black Wrap Dress with Cute Clutch!

Black Wrap Dress with Cute Clutch!


Checked Pencil Skirt & Bright Blue Top

Checked Pencil Skirt & Bright Blue Top


Skull-Print Dress

Skull-Print Dress

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@Ewelina: True she's laughing all the way to the bank!

Glad your all ignoring that she's morbidly obese, it's ok to be chubby but that overweight is a serious health problem! She has the money, she could lose weight

Shape wear is magic I tell you! Stop forcing us to see morbid obesity as "beautiful". To each their own, I guess.

Rather I feel, the fact that she is over weight, people end up hating her .. And personally speaking, I think I am so proud of her .. The way she is carrying herself .. I am overweight too and I just can't think of being in those dresses ! I think she has proven, happiness has got nothing to do with shape or size .. Is more of an inner achievement. :)

@jessica she is medically classed as morbidly obese. Stop being so blind. And I agree @juliana, people are still trying to glamourise a massive health problem. But you don't need money to lose weight!

Only apple's opinion is needed. Got it. Glad you're rich though.

Isn't it funny how when a woman is overweight we have to love her. She is an individual and she can be funny too but nothing extraordinary really.

I love how she's "morbidly obese" to some people lol wow, prayin for y'all hope you see the light and how wrong you are , Hun :)

To think she started out on the Australian tv show on the channel SBS of Fat Pizza...funny tv show too! :)

I just love her.

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