7 Top Earning Chefs According to Forbes Magazine ...


Being a top chef these days isn’t just about cooking and the world’s top earning chefs are restaurateurs, authors, TV personalities, and purveyors of kitchen and cookware ranges. They are lauded not only for their great food but their performance and their endorsements, or maybe even their political campaigns. It may well however, still surprise you just what kind of money our top earning chefs can pull in. Here are the 7 top earning chefs according to Forbes Magazine:

(All figures are estimated for 2012)

1. Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

Annual income - $38 million

The potty-mouthed Scot Gordon Ramsay heads the list of top earning chefs. Did you know he once played goalkeeper for Scottish soccer club Glasgow Rangers, although he never made it to the first team proper because of injury. It is his television appearances that Ramsay is most known for, treating the world of professional, celebrity and amateur cooks to his unique brand of “mentorship” in shows such as Hell’s Kitchen . As a TV personality, it’s easy to forget he is a brilliant chef who actually holds 14 Michelin stars.

Rachael Ray
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