Top 10 Post-Baby Celebrity Bodies to Be Inspired by ...


Top 10 Post-Baby Celebrity Bodies to Be Inspired by ...
Top 10 Post-Baby Celebrity Bodies to Be Inspired by ...

Is it just me or does it seem like post-baby celebrity bodies are even better than their pre-baby bodies?! It’s not fair, but it sure gives up a lot of inspiration and motivation to get our butts in gear! If you want some visual motivation to get your bootie in shape regardless of whether you’re a mommy or not, peep this list of the top 10 post-baby celebrity bodies to be inspired by!

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Beyonce is one of the newest mommies on this list of top 10 post-baby celebrity bodies, but she got her pre-Blue Ivy body back into shape like a pro! This former Destiny’s Child is rumored to be doing up to six 20-minute mini-workouts while baby Blue naps. Now that is dedication, being a new mom is exhausting enough but Beyonce is obviously determined to lose the 28 pounds she gained during her highly publicized pregnancy.


Jennifer Lopez

Although JLo wasn’t lucky in love with Marc Anthony, she got lucky with 2 beautiful babies! She got her post-baby celebrity body by adhering to a strict workout schedule and eating plan. Jenny reportedly gained 40 pounds from her pregnancy so she ate a 1400-calorie diet while avoiding red meat and exercised 4 times a week. Great genes and hard work got JLo back into her Fly Girl dancer body.


Heidi Klum

As the mother of 4 gorgeous children, the host of Project Runway host worked with trainer David Kirsch doing 2 workouts per day and followed an eating plan created by her trainer called the Ultimate New York Body Plan. No one knows how to get post-baby celebrity bodies back into tip-top shape like Heidi. You remember how she was in a Victoria’s Secret fashion show only 8 weeks after giving birth, right?!


Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has always been lean but her post-baby celebrity body is just as fit and firm as before! Yeah, the girl’s got great genes but there is no doubt that she worked hard to tone and shape her body back to the way it was pre-baby bump. Word is that Jessica ate lots of lean protein and vegetables and did a variety of workouts from cardio to boxing to regain her bangin’ body. Cash Warren is one lucky guy!


Halle Berry

One look at this former Bond babe and you would never guess she ever had a child! Halle Berry has one the best bodies in the business and she got her post-baby celebrity body by sticking to a strict regimen of working out 5 days a week while loading up on water, veggies, lean proteins and complex carbs. This post-baby diet and workout seems totally doable, but do you think it’ll get a role on a Bond movie?


Victoria Beckham

Posh Spice might be the chicest soccer mom around and has always been known for being super-thin but even after 4 kids, the fashionista looks as good as ever! After the birth of her daughter Harper Seven, Victoria has been on a diet called the 5 hands diet where you only eat 5 handfuls of food a day and has cut out sugar and eats only small portions of lean protein. While this diet isn’t ideal, eating lean protein is, just make sure your eating plan is well-rounded.


Kourtney Kardashian

It seems like Kourtney just had baby Mason and now he’s going to be a big brother! Kourtney definitely had a post-baby celebrity body to covet and she credits making simple swaps in her diet, eating fresh foods and running to her slim-down. Kourtney realized that she was taking in many more calories than she realized and swapped espresso for chai lattes and unsalted almonds for salted ones. Little changes really add up!


Angelina Jolie

This busy mom of 6, actress and humanitarian regained her hot post baby celebrity body by eating lots of fruits and vegetables and doing Pilates. Jolie reports not having a formal workout routine and eating many small meals throughout the day to fuel her body. Jolie also stressed that although she got back to her pre-baby body, she didn’t want to send the wrong message to women that you have to be a size 2 to look good.


Miranda Kerr

Miranda, you’ve got an adorable baby, Orlando Bloom and you’re a Victoria’s Secret model? Not fair! Okay, so she had to work hard to get her hot post-baby bump body but I’m still jealous! The VS Angel credits getting her body back by getting lots of sleep and water, eating a healthy breakfast, eating lots of greens and doing yoga. Um, if I had Orlando Bloom in my bed, I think I'd be doing yoga 24 hours a day!


Gisele Bundchen

Gisele and her infamous body can be seen in tons of high-fashion ads and fashion shows worldwide so you know it’s basically her job to keep her body looking hot. Gisele says she got her smokin’ hot post-baby celebrity body thanks to mindful eating and muscle memory. She reports doing yoga and kung fu up until a few weeks before her delivery which is why her body had an easier time bouncing back. I think my muscles have amnesia…

Whether you’re a mom or not, these 10 celebs have some awe-inspiring bodies to motivate us to get into shape and eat healthy. Even if we don’t have trainers and personal chefs, achieving a healthy and fit lifestyle is possible and great for our minds, bodies and families. I hope this list of post-baby celebrity bodies gave you some ideas and motivation!

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Victoria beckham is anorexic. Not to be praised. And I think she looks sickly.

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