10 Ugliest Celebrity Fashion Faux Pas of 2011 ...


10 Ugliest Celebrity Fashion Faux Pas of 2011 ...
10 Ugliest Celebrity Fashion Faux Pas of 2011 ...

Celebrity Fashion Faux Pas happen every single week, it seems like. You can't expect celebrities to swing aces all the time, but there are occasions when you just have to wonder why they or their stylists chose certain outfits. Is committing a celebrity fashion faux pas thus the end of the world? Absolutely not. I particularly love those stars who are actually glad to make a Worst Dressed list, because they recognize that, hey! At least they're being original! That being said, I hope the stars mentioned in this list of the ugliest celebrity fashion faux pas of 2011 will accept the title in the spirit in which it is given!

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Katy Perry's Smurf Dress

Katy Perry's Smurf Dress I love Katy Perry, I really do, and rarely do I think she commits a celebrity fashion faux pas. Rather, I think her choices are original, bright, and pretty. However, I'm slightly bitter. I grew up on cartoon Smurfs, and her Smurfette is not the real Smurfette. Actually, I admit that I wouldn't think this dress was so bad if not for the addition of blond hair. Huh? What? Katy, you were my favorite brunette! Stop trying to look like Smurfette!


Emma Stone's Hot Pink Disaster

Emma Stone's Hot Pink Disaster Emma Stone is actually one of my favorite actresses. I would marry her tomorrow. I think she's adorable – and if this little dress were any other color combo, I wouldn't have a problem with it. But hot pink and red with your red hair, Emma? It looks like a Barbie dress I never would have let my Midge doll wear.


Ginnifer Goodwin's Yellow Celebrity Fashion Faux Pas

Ginnifer Goodwin's Yellow Celebrity Fashion Faux Pas Why is this a celebrity fashion faux pas? Because that … is a whole lot of yellow. I mean, that is a lot of yellow, and it is very, very bright. Still, I get that acid colors are in right now. So maybe it wouldn't be so bad if it didn't fit adorable little Ginnifer like a burlap sack!


Melissa George's Night Gown

Melissa George's Night Gown Okay. Slip dresses aren't popular any longer, and even when they were, I don't think I ever saw one that looked quite so much like a slip. Basically, Melissa George wore her nightgown to the red carpet. Why did she do that?


Oliva Munn's Dotty Dress

Oliva Munn's Dotty Dress Olivia Munn is ridiculously gorgeous. Her dress is just ridiculous. Usually I really like metallic dresses, especially silver and black combinations. This one just kind of makes me dizzy, though. And I sort of want to start playing connect the dots.


LeAnn Rimes' Cutouts

LeAnn Rimes' Cutouts Why do I think this is a celebrity fashion faux pas? Let me explain. LeAnn Rimes and I have beef, but that's actually not the issue. The issue is that, for what seems like months now, she's been griping about people commenting on how skinny she looks – and then she wears a white cutout dress that emphasizes that skinniness. Really – that peeking hipbone looks like she's gonna cut somebody with it.


JLo's Identical Celebrity Fashion Faux Pas

JLo's Identical Celebrity Fashion Faux Pas JLo recently committed the same kind of faux pas, for a different reason. See, she wore this to go to a BAFTA event. And she met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Uh. They are not the people who need to see your abs. Or your side boob. Yes, Jennifer Lopez has a crazy sexy body – but this just proves that, just because you have it, doesn't mean you have to flaunt it.


Blake Lively's Muumuu/Caftan

Blake Lively's Muumuu/Caftan In theory, I like this dress. Blake Lively often has phenomenal taste, and this dress looks like it should belong to Galadriel from LOTR. However, Galadriel would never hide her figure like this. Blake is swimming in this dress! I know that's the idea of a caftan, but either this one is just way too big, or maybe, since it's white, that just makes it look like a bed sheet. If it was just a little smaller, I'd be in love.


Jennifer Aniston's Patchwork Problem

Jennifer Aniston's Patchwork Problem I don't like patchwork, unless it's on a quilt. I'm also having issues with Jennifer herself lately, and this celebrity fashion faux pas kind of pinpoints them. Girlfriend is gorgeous as she is, she doesn't need to try to look way, way younger – and then she shoes up in this loli dress. What? All she needs is an oversized lollipop and some knee socks.


Rose Byrne's Weird Jumpsuit

Rose Byrne's Weird Jumpsuit I don't like jumpsuits either. And printed jumpsuits are the worst. I do not understand this. Who thought this would be a good look? It's floral! Augh!

Honestly, I don't think half these celebrity fashion faux pas are that bad. They may be ugly, sure, but like say, they're also highly original. Fashion is so subjective that “ugly,” “beautiful,” and “unique” are always matters of opinion. Forget about celebrity fashion faux pas, I've seen some pretty ugly outfits on the runways, too, and plenty of fashionistas rave about them. So let me have it, y'all! Do you think these are really celebrity fashion faux pas, or do you think they're fabulous?

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I think that Katy perrys dress looks good i want it!!!!!!!!

j like J LOs dress but agr

i agree with you on these except for J.Lo's cutout dress. that dress is beautiful! i love cutouts.

to be honest, i really like the J.Lo's dress. It's very nice

You know that Katy Perry's a natural blonde, right? Technically, she was pretending to be a brunette this whole time.

Some of these look good!

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