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7 Ways to Become as Classy as Kate Middleton ...

By Holly

If you’re looking to find some ways to become as classy as Kate Middleton then you’ve come to the right place. She is one of the world’s favourite royals, and is undeniably a total goddess, with grace, kindness and style at all times. Read ahead for tips about ways to become as classy as Kate Middleton!

1 Love Yourself

This first point on my list of ways to become as classy as Kate Middleton is oh-so-important. Kate Middleton exudes self-confidence, which makes her simply radiant. Did you know that when Kate and William were dating, a friend told Kate that she was very lucky to be dating Prince William, to which she replied, “He’s lucky to be dating me!” Practise self-love every day.

2 Stay Composed

In all of the years that Kate Middleton has had her life in the public eye, she has never faltered. She maintains her composure, even though there must have been days she just wanted to stay in bed. Some days can be harder than others, but if you power through and don’t let others get to you, you’ll be much happier for it.

3 Stay down-to-Earth

Kate Middleton always has beautiful hair and makeup, but one thing many people don’t know is that she does her own hair and makeup every day. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty, or to make herself look funny simply to make someone else smile. Kate stays down-to-earth, as should you. Just because you have advantages in your life, you should always keep perspective and remember who has supported you along the way.

4 Appreciate Your Family

Speaking of people supporting others, family is a very important support network you always need to remember. Kate Middleton has a wonderful relationship with her family, in particularly her sister Pippa, and always spends time with them when she can. Your family will always be there for you and have provided you with some amazing opportunities - let them know that!

5 Stand up for What You Believe is Right

Even the gorgeous Kate Middleton was bullied throughout school. She is a huge supporter of the anti-bullying movement worldwide, and even asked people to donate to an anti-bullying charity instead of giving her engagement presents. If you have something that you are passionate about, don’t be afraid to stand up for it and really make a difference.

6 Dress How You Want to Dress

Sometimes Kate Middleton just wears jeans and a t-shirt and still looks stunning! If you don’t feel like getting dressed up, then don’t feel like you have to. What is important is that you feel comfortable! When Kate dresses up she looks flawless, because you can see she is confident in what she wears - you should be too.

7 Smile

I cannot stress this point enough! Smiling is so important as it not only makes you happy, but it makes those around you happy too. Kate is always snapped smiling, and she has a really beautiful smile - as you do too. Embrace it, show it off! You are gorgeous and life is wonderful. Smile!

Kate Middleton is a real role model and inspiration for girls around the world, young and old alike. She is always so lovely to everyone she comes across, and leaves those she meets feeling respected. She really is truly classy! What do you love most about Kate Middleton?

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