5 Things We Learned 🤓 from Kylie Jenner's 🌟 Pregnancy Reveal 🙊 ...


Want to know what we learned from Kylie Jenner's pregnancy video?

Kylie broke the internet on February 4 when she *finally* let the whole world in on what’s been up with her in the past months when she’s gone MIA. She released a touching and emotional Youtube video called “To Our Daughter” which left everyone crying, praising and applauding Kylie for taking the steps she thought were necessary for her and her baby’s best interest. Here's what we learned from Kylie Jenner's pregnancy video.

1. Kylie is the Most Mature of the Kardashian-Jenner Siblings

She may be the youngest, but it sure seems like she’s the most mature one when it comes to planning and thinking about things. She knew that the stress of everyone else’s opinion on social media would affect her baby in a negative way so she stepped away from it all, even if it meant a lot of her fans and followers turning their backs on her.

She’s Made Enough Moolah to Afford a Comfortable, Private Life
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