Zoe Saldana Announces Pregnancy While Supporting ALS ...


Zoe Saldana is not only the latest celebrity to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS, she's also the latest to announce her pregnancy while doing so. To be sure, it's a cute pregnancy announcement, don't you think?

Hayden Panettiere recently did the same. Buddy and co-conspirator Derek Hough posted the event to his Instagram, @derekhough. Several celebrities have participated in the challenge, and many of the videos are hilarious, but more important is the fact that it does raise awareness. It's also a neat way to tell everyone you're expecting – in Zoe's case, she confirmed a number of long-standing pregnancy rumors.

What do you think of the Ice Bucket Challenge? Have you donated to help with ALS yet, or do you intend to?

Incidentally, Zoe challenged many people, including Marco Perego, her husband, Salma Hayek, and James Cameron. Hayden challenged her baby.

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What a great way to waste water!

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