10 Adele Quotes 💭 That'll Skyrocket 🚀 Your Confidence 😁 ...


Adele is so great at speaking her mind and telling it like it is.

I always look forward to hearing or reading interviews from her because I know that she’s going to drop some wisdom on me, or at the very least, make me laugh.2

If you need a confidence boost, a laugh, or someone to talk some sense into you, this list has got you covered.

These quotes that she’s said will boost your confidence immensely, and who doesn’t think that Adele inspires them?

Don’t we all just want to be inspired by Adele?

I know that I do!

1. Don’t Be Afraid of Anyone

Don’t Be Afraid of Anyone

You should not be afraid of anyone, especially people who tell you that you can’t do something.

This quote from Adele is so great, because sometimes we all just need that little boost of confidence to keep going.

This is a great quote for the times when you just need a little boost!2

2. Learn to Love Again

Learn to Love Again

Isn’t it funny that when we have our hearts broken, we hate love and never want anything to do with it again?

But as we start to fall in love we completely forget what all of that heartbreak felt like.

Adele sums that up so beautifully in this quote, even if, like she said, it seems so obvious.2

3. Be Brave and Fearless

Be Brave and Fearless

I think this is such a great quote for the people out there who (like myself) worry that they’re constantly making the wrong decision.

Sometimes it’s so important to remind ourselves that even if the choice we’re making is the wrong decision, at this current place in our lives, we’re making it for a good reason.2

4. Stop Chasing People

Stop Chasing People

We spend so much of our youth chasing people.


We should be so much more important to ourselves than people who won’t stay.

Invest time in yourself, not in those people that you spend so much time chasing.2

It’s a tough concept to put into practice, but it will make your life so much more carefree.

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