7 Hilarious People from Vine That You Need to Watch ...


Some of the funniest videos I’ve seen recently are from people from Vine.

It’s actually very impressive because each video is only six seconds long.

The fact that these people manage to make people laugh hysterically within six seconds is fascinating.

People from Vine are actually starting to get a lot of attention and recognition!

Vine has even helped some of them launch their careers.

Here’s 7 hilarious people you need to check out.

Keep in mind, this list is limited to just 7 but there are SO many hilarious people out there.2

1. Marcus Johns

This is definitely one of my favorite people from Vine.

I mean, look at him!

He’s beautiful!

Not only is he easy on the eyes, he’s also a really funny guy.

He makes hilarious videos where he’s either talking in a funny voice, falling off of something, etc.

Oh, and he sings.

I met him in NYC and he was such a sweetheart!

That’s right, this guy’s got it all.

2. Chris D’Elia

Where do I even start?

This guy cracks me up.

His videos are always something simple, but hilarious.

He's just one of those guys who don't even have to try to be funny.

Well, I mean, he is a stand-up comic so I guess that's his job!

Check him out if you haven't already.

I guarantee you that you're in for some major laughs.

3. Curtis Lepore

Can I just point out Curtis Lepore's GORGEOUS blue eyes for a quick second?!

Okay, now that we had time to obsess over that, let's get back to his actual videos.

Curtis makes the funniest Vines, they're always so clever!

Not to mention, his dog, Buster Beans, often makes cameos in them!

I met Curtis in the NYC Super Vine meet up, and he was a total cutie!

Nicholas Megalis
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