10 Amazing Female Singers ...


10 Amazing Female Singers ...
10 Amazing Female Singers ...

There are some truly amazing female singers making music today, some of which don't get the recognition they deserve. These musical ladies have voices that entrance and songs that speak volumes. If you're looking for new music, why not check out some of these amazing female singers?

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Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding Ellie Goulding is one of my more recent obsessions when it comes to amazing female singers. I discovered her one day while browsing songs on YouTube, and I was floored by how much her music struck me. Her voice has a unique quality that I honestly don't have words to describe, but I totally love.

Recommended Song: Dead in the Water


Kai Altair

Kai Altair Kai is honestly my favorite singer of all time, but besides that she has a beautiful voice and a writing style that's different from most of what you hear in today's music. It's a mystical sort of sound, blending electronic music with some tribal beats and creating something enthralling that I can't get enough of.

Recommended Song: Change


Bat for Lashes

Bat for Lashes Bat for Lashes (AKA Natasha Khan) makes mellow and emotive music that has some funky beats and sounds, but it all comes together wonderfully. I discovered her music when a friend gave me a mix CD, and I've been hooked ever since.

Recommended Song: Glass



Kerli What I love about Kerli is her versatility. Her first album was more along the lines of alternative music, with lots of electric guitar and moodier lyrics. Now, with her second album which will be released soon, she's going in the direction of more upbeat 'get up and dance' music. I personally prefer her newer sound over the older. Aside from her music, her fashion sense is amazing, AND she makes or customizes most of her clothing.

Recommended Song: Zero Gravity


Gabby Young

Gabby Young If I had to describe Gabby Young in one word it would be: circus. That's what her music reminds me of! If you do a quick YouTube search of her and listen to some of her songs, you'll understand what I mean. But it's a good kind of circus! Gabby's voice is also remarkable, I think. It has this husky timbre to it that suits her songwriting perfectly.

Recommended Song: We're All in This Together



Duffy There's a bluesy quality to Duffy's voice that makes listening to her music an experience. You have to just stop and listen, and you FEEL what she's singing, you know? People compare her to Adele, but honestly, they're not that similar in my opinion other than their music genre. Give her a try and see what you think!

Recommended Song: Mercy


A Fine Frenzy

A Fine Frenzy I adore Alison Sudol's music! I also love how Sudol has found her sound and mastered it. There's a distinct way she sings that she brings to all her songs, whether it's more uptempo or a slower ballad. Still, her music is generally more subdued and I use it to relax.

Recommended Song: Come On, Come Out


Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles Yet another female singer with piano based music, Sara is one of my absolute favorites. She explores different styles in her music, from jazz to ballads, and some pop sounding songs. And her lyrics are honest and extremely relatable. She's just... real.

Recommended Song: Bottle It Up


My Brightest Diamond

My Brightest Diamond The thing with My Brightest Diamond, aka Shara Worden, is that I don't know how I feel when I listen to her music. On one hand, I want to relax because that's the nature of her music--generally soft and lulling. On the other hand, I can't relax because I have to LISTEN to the music. Her composition is superb, which makes the musician in me happy, and her lyrics are different and intense. It's the kind of music that has to be experienced to be understood.

Recommended Song: Be Brave


Tori Amos

Tori Amos Okay, so Tori Amos is not by any means a new artist on the scene. However, I do think that not enough of my generation appreciates how gorgeous her music is. She's the original piano playing songstress, and she's genius.

Recommended Song: Ophelia

All of these amazing female singers inspire something different, but all are immensely talented in their own ways. Who are your favorite female singers and why?

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erykah badu! Also lana del rey, keren Ann, cat power, and Katie Costello. This singers are for sure better then Ellie Goldberg or whatever her name is.

Really sad Hayley Williams isn't on gere

florence and the machine

Yeah...what happened to Lana del Rey??? She's amazing.

I like oh land alot.

Natalie merchant

Thanks for this article! I found A Fine Frenzy to be great!

I think Brittany Howard from Alabama Shakes should have been listed.

Umm what about black singers?

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