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There are so many fantastic reasons to love Jake Miller. He's an up and coming rapper with an incredibly bright future ahead of him. What I love most about him is his positivity - he doesn't let anything bring him down or hold him back and he encourages his fans to be the same way. Check out some of the cool reasons to love Jake Miller and then let me know what YOU love most about him.

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"first Flight Home"

His current single, "First Flight Home," is incredible. It's about being away from somebody that you love but letting them know that you are doing everything in your power to make it back home to them. The music video shows the story of different couples and families reuniting and will even bring a tear to your eye. This song is just one of many reasons to love Jake Miller.


His Music

He's a rapper, but probably not one you're used to. Jake's goal is to make music that's relatable, yet family friendly. He strives to be positive in every song, and change people's lives with his music. There's been so many times where fans have credited Jake as changing their way of life with his lyrics.


Eye Candy

Let's be real ladies, Jake Miller is such a cutie! He's got great style and a killer smile to match. Even though he is taken by his long-time girlfriend, that doesn't mean we can't look... LOL! So, feel free to binge-watch all of his interviews, music videos, and live performances on YouTube.


He Loves His Fans

It's so refreshing to see an artist that genuinely cares for his supporters. Jake recently had a meet & greet in New York City and had over 4,000 fans show up. He practically shut down Times Square but still managed to meet every single person that showed up. That's dedication right there! If you've met him before, share your experience in the comments section!


His Social Media

Jake's very active on social media. He's constantly taking the time out of his day to interact with his fans. On Twitter (@jakemiller), he tweets, follows, and even messages all of the fans that he possibly can. He also interacts with fans on Instagram (@jakemillermusic), liking photos that fans post with the hashtag #MillertaryMonday! If you want to get his attention, social media is the best way.


His Live Performances

Luckily for us, Jake is pretty much always on tour. I got the chance to see him perform at a sold out crowd in New York City once and I was blown away. I think it's amazing how he can have such a huge audience and still make the performance feel like it's an intimate one. Since his fans are the "Millertary," it's pretty awesome to see the crowd decked out in camo. Have you gone to one of his shows?


His Music Videos

With catchy singles, it's only right that Jake releases eye-catching music videos. My favorites one are the music video for "First Flight Home" and "Collide." Which videos are your favorites?

Well, there you have it. These are just seven out of many awesome reasons to love Jake Miller. I think he's a great role model and such a positive influence for this generation. He'll do big and great things! If you're a fan of Jake's, what's your favorite thing about him?

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