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7 Reasons to Love Luke Bracey ...

By Vanessa

There are so many fantastic reasons to love Luke Bracey! He's Hollywood's newest hunk and is an incredible actor. I love the fact that he's been able to remain the humble guy he's always been. I'm very excited to see his future movie projects! Check out some of the reasons to love Luke Bracey!

1 His Good Looks

I mean, must I really explain? This guy's got the leading-man smile, the charm, style, and more. Even though he's becoming a big name, Luke remains humble about it all. I can't wait to see his face on the bigs screens. This is just one of the many reasons to love Luke Bracey!

2 'the Best of Me'

Luke will play Dawson in the movie adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' best seller, "The Best of Me." I'm pretty sure I've watched the trailer over fifty times and it makes me teary-eyed each time! I'm currently reading the novel (books are always SO much better than movie, aren't they?) and I can't wait to finish it. I'm so in love with Dawson & Amanda's love story!

3 His Sense of Style

Luke is always handsome when he hits up red carpet events! I mean, that guy can pull off just about anything. I gotta give props to his stylist!

4 He Was Almost Christian Grey

When Sons of Anarchy's Charlie Hunnam dropped out of the Fifth Shades of Grey project, Luke was one of the runner ups for the part! Even though the part was given to Jamie Dornan, at least we know Luke would've had no problems with those shirtless scenes.. LOL!

5 He's an Aussie

In case you didn't know, Luke's from Australia! That basically makes him like another Hemsworth brother, right? Haha, he's got the looks! Luke made the big move to LA when he was only 20 years and it didn't take him that long to land a role.

6 He's Humble

Luke's becoming quite the big name and he's even being labeled as a heartthrob.... yeah, I'm going to have to agree with that one! Still, Luke doesn't have a big head about it all. "I wake up every day and look at my own ugly mug in the mirror and don't think twice about it," he said of his leading-man looks. "The fact that other people might want to look at me still feels funny. It's flattering, but funny." Trust me Luke, tons of people want to look at you! "I still see photos of myself and think, "Who do you think you are, mate? I'm like a kid playing dress up."

7 He's Close to His Mom

Luke is still really close to his mom! She supports him with his acting career and makes sure to watch all of his movies. In a interview with, Luke said, "Every time I get a job she asks, 'Am I gonna have to watch you kiss someone again in this one? and I say, 'You're probably gonna have to watch me kiss someone in most of them, Mom.'" LOL! I bet that's one proud mama!

Well, there you have it. These are just seven out of many reasons to love Hollywood's new hunk, Luke Bracey. If you're a fan of his, what do you love most about him? Are you excited to see him in "The Best of Me"?

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