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There are way too many reasons to love Mindy Kaling. She's been one of my favorite actresses since The Office. I mean, let's be real, this chick is hilarious. I've loved all her projects and she's just as funny off-camera! She's definitely the BFF we all wish we had. Wouldn't life be ten times more amusing if Mindy Kaling was a part of it? Check out the awesome reasons to love Mindy Kaling!

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She Was Once a Nerd

She Was Once a Nerd I love the fact that Mindy uses her less than glamorous childhood as a source for comedy. Kaling once said, “If you’ve seen a photo of me from when I was a kid, I don’t think anyone would have expected that going in front of the camera was something that I was going to do." She's described her childhood as being downright "geeky" and claims her parents put little effort into "making me seem like an appealing little girl." Ha! I love that she embraces her geeky side. Now, she's a gorgeous and powerful woman! This is just one of the reasons to love Mindy Kaling.


She's Hilarious on Twitter

She's Hilarious on Twitter If you don't follow Mindy on Twitter, what are you waiting for?! She tweets the most outrageous things and 90% of the time, it's something we were all thinking. Her crazy tweets consist of, "Is it weird to say, I wish Bruno Mars was my son," "Someone please put together a dozen 'stylish outfits you can wear with flats to work' for me? Thanks," and a whole lot more. Trust me, her tweets will keep you laughing! She's close to having 3 million followers!


Body Image Role Model

Body Image Role Model Kaling embraces her curves and refuses to change just because she's on TV. By being herself, she does a fantastic service for her thousands of viewers. On her show, "The Mindy Project," she refuses to make body criticism a focal point of the show. She embraces the fact that more women could benefit from spending less time concerning themselves with body transformation.


She's Super Girly

She's Super Girly Mindy's never been shy about speaking up on her love of thoroughly "girly" things. She's the perfect example that women can be smart, accomplished, and powerful while still enjoying things like fashion and a good ol' romantic comedy. Kaling has said "I, like most women, I dress for other women." She talks more about fashion and her love for rom-coms in her book, "Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me?"


She Keeps It Real

She Keeps It Real Despite being super accomplished, Kaling always keeps it real. When she appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, he asked if she ever has time to sleep. She replied, "Your name is in your own show. It’s kind of a dream job. So…When I’m awake, it's so much more fun than when I’m sleeping.” I love that she never let "fame" make her egotistical.


She's Hilarious

She's Hilarious All in all, Mindy keeps me in tears laughing. She was great in The Office but she's even better in The Mindy Project. The cool thing is that she contributes a lot to the show's writing. That must be why it's so funny!


Her Style

Her Style Mindy's kind of quirky but her style is awesome! She posts outfit pictures on Instagram and I love seeing them! The girl can rock anything.

Well, there you have it! These are just seven out of many reasons why you should love Mindy Kaling! What's your favorite thing about her?

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I absolutely love her!!

Love her!!

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